The Best Tennis Bags Rated By Storage, Affordability & Ease Of Use

Don’t judge me, but I recently took a family trip and thought I could travel with tennis racquets laying loose in the trunk of the car.  Mistake!  I needed a dedicated tennis bag and fast!  So, I did a lot of research on the best tennis bags and quickly realized there are many different types to choose from.

What’s the best tennis bag?  Well, it’s going to depend on your needs.  If it’s just for a single person, I’d recommend the Wilson Super Tour Tennis Backpack. If you’re like me, and need a great tennis bag for the whole family to share with room to spare, I’d go with the Babolat Pure Tennis 6 Racquet Bag.

Finding the best tennis bag that fit your needs can be a little overwhelming.  So, I created this helpful guide to help you figure out what kind of tennis bag you need and give you the best options for each individual bag type.

Why should you trust me?  Why take my advice?

Well, my family plays tennis and when we went on vacation, we all wanted to bring our racquets and gear.  The problem was, we didn’t have a dedicated tennis bag for two adults and two kids.

So, I did over 20 hours of research so I could find the best tennis bag for my family’s needs. But, everyone’s needs are different so I looked into tennis bags of all shapes and sizes so that no matter what YOUR needs are – I could help you too.

My hope is that I’ve done the research and homework for you, so you don’t have to.  The order of racquets below is from small to big.  For more in depth info on each product, scroll down to each bag’s review section.

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Best Tennis Backpacks

My Top Pick – HEAD Tour Team Tennis Backpack – Rating: 4/5
Premium Pick Wilson Super Tour Backpack – Rating: 4.5/5

Best 3 Racquet Tennis Bag

My Top Pick – HEAD Core Pro 3 Racquet Bag – Rating: 4/5
Premium PickWilson Fed Team Tennis 3 Racquet Bag – Rating: 4.5./5

Best 6 Racquet Tennis Bag

My Top Pick – HEAD Djokovic 6 Racquet Tennis Deluxe Tennis Bag Rating: 3.5/5 
Premium PickBabolat Pure Tennis 6 Racquet Bag – Rating: 5/5

Best 12 Racquet Tennis Bag

My Top Pick – HEAD Djokovic 12 Pack Monstercombi Bag Rating: 4.5/5
Premium PickBabolat Pure Tennis Racquet Holder x12 – Rating: 4.5/5

Best Duffle Tennis Bag

My Top PickHEAD Gravity 12R Duffle Tennis Bag – Rating: 4.5/5

There are other great tennis bags to choose from other than these nine I’ve researched but, if you’re looking for the best tennis bags to fit your needs and have no idea where to start…start here.  Start with these nine tennis bags and see which type fits your needs best.

Now, let me share what I learned with you.

best tennis bags

Choosing the Right Brand of Tennis Bag

The tennis world is stuffed with countless different brands, so when it’s time for you to make a decision on a good tennis bag, you simply can’t just randomly choose one. Well you could, I just wouldn’t recommend it.

After doing some research, I’ve narrowed my choices down to these 3 brands:

  • Wilson: Your favorite tennis stars such as Roger Federer and Serena Williams are using Wilson but that’s not the only reason you should go for their bags. Wilson offers a wide range of styles and usually has more generous price ranges when compared to other brands.
  • HEAD: If you’re a Novak Djokovic fan, then you may have heard that he usually opts for HEAD. The one thing that impressed me the most about HEAD bags is how professional they look.  They’re simple, eye catching and scream “I’m a real tennis enthusiast.”  They have a high-end look and feel with durability.
  • Babolat: Babolat makes extraordinary tennis products, for any type of tennis player.  Their racquets are known to be bright, colorful and recognizably brilliant.  And their tennis bags are no different.  If you are a younger tennis player then you’ll no doubt be drawn to these bags because of how cool they look and how functional they are.

If you’re a female and a beginner – check out this helpful racquet guide!

Best Tennis Bags

What Kind Of Tennis Bag Should You Choose?

Tennis bags come in many styles and sizes, but don’t just base your decision on the look!  Find the best bag that best fits your needs.

The 2 Racquet Tennis Bag

This bag can hold 2 racquets and generally has a compartment for your other accessories.  If you’re the kind of person who goes to the local club or tennis courts every now and then, this bag is perfect for you.

The 3 Racquet Tennis Bag

This one holds 3 racquets and your other equipment. If you’re a casual tennis player, it’s a better idea to go for this rather than the two racquet bag because it’ll give you more space to store your clothes, shoes and everything else.

This one usually comes with an adjustable, padded shoulder strap which makes it really comfortable and easy to carry around.  I’ve seen single players who play with multiple racquets use this type of bag.

In fact, if you go to a lot of high school tournaments or matches – you’ll definitely see this type bag used by high schoolers.

The 6 Racquet Tennis Bag

This one is entering into the professional realm of tennis players.  If you’re a weekend warrior, you probably don’t need a backup racquet or two.  But it’s perfect if you’re going out with your family and you can store everyone’s racquet in the same bag with room to spare.

As the bag becomes bigger, the model usually has a padded shoulder strap AND 2 carry handles, so if you’ve got a lot of equipment inside like towels and shoes –  you won’t need to break your shoulder lugging it around.

The 9-12 Racquet Tennis Bag

From local tournaments to Wimbledon, these bags are popular with championship players. They generally also have an isothermal compartment to keep your tennis racquet temperature controlled and protect it from the humidity.  If you’ve got a large family and everyone’s going on a tennis trip, this bag might be the one for you.

If you’re feeling like you have the room in your budget and the need for a bag big enough to fit multiple tennis racquets, a change of clothes, a dedicated shoe compartment and a sweaty clothes area – then going all in for a premier bag might be the best fit.

Like the 6 racquet bag, this one also has adjustable shoulder straps and carry handles for easy transportation.

The Tennis Backpack

Now you might have seen people walking around with rods sticking out of their bags like the devil’s horns. These are multi-purpose bags which serve as regular backpacks and as tennis bags.

I personally don’t prefer this style because I like my racquet to be completely inside my bag and I don’t have to worry about poking someone’s eye out with the handle of my racquet.

The good thing about this one is that it is easy to carry around – you can just hang it on your shoulders and forget about it.  In fact, if your budget is a bit tight, its multi-purpose usage can definitely work in your favor.

The Tennis Duffle Bag

Tennis duffle bags are great if you’re a casual weekend player, and need a spacious bag to carry your racquet and some spare clothes in.

There is no dedicated storage area or fancy isolated clothes compartment but if it’s simple, spacious functionality you’re looking for – then the duffle bag route is going to be a great option!

It’s also multipurpose so you can use it to store other sports equipment or anything else.

The Best Tennis Bags – My Top Picks

Whether you’re a weekend warrior needing a smaller bag or need a much bigger bag with separate equipment compartments that can hold multiple racquets – these are the best tennis bags that I like the most.

I rated all these bags based on three key areas:

-Storage Capacity


-Ease of Use


Best Tennis BackpackHEAD Tour Team Tennis Backpack

Video Source: Tennis Warehouse

Storage Capacity

Lots of dedicated space!


Very Affordable!  Retails under $60.

Ease of Use

Very well designed for a small, inexpensive bag!

Overall rating :  4/5

This backpack is great because not only can it store a racquet or two, it also has a compartment for dirty gym clothes and  towels –  which is ideal.

It also has a dedicated shoe compartment – which is great for a bag this size!

It features lock-in-place zippers for the main racquet area and padded straps to make it comfortable to carry around.  It has a convenient zipper slot on the front for personal items and even comes in different colors so you can choose the color you like the most.

The best part is that it’s super functional!  The storage capacity and ease of use for this little bag is exceptional!  And at a price of usually under $60, it’s a real bargain.

I love this backpack, it has everything.  HEAD has really upgraded it’s functionality and I’m impressed with how this little bag can do so many different things!

​​​​My Backpack Upgrade PickThe Wilson Super Tour Tennis Backpack

Video Source: Tennis Express

Storage Capacity

Very roomy for a backpack!


Somewhat Affordable.  Retails around $80-90.

Ease of Use

Loads of Functionality!

Overall rating :  4/5

If you’re looking for something with more  of a professional feel and a sleeker design, then I suggest the Wilson Super Tour Backpack.

It has all the features of the HEAD bag above but is an upgrade from a materials stand point due to its two tone polyester weave.

In addition, I’d say the Wilson Super Tour has a slight edge when it comes to holding as many items as possible.  It can easily fit two racquets, clothes, shoes – even a laptop if you’re tracking workout progress.

The main difference and advantage with the Wilson Super Tour is that its side pockets are not elastic side compartments built into the side of the bag like the HEAD Tour above.

Instead, Wilson has designed the side pockets to be stand alone zippered pockets – perfect for holding something like a can of tennis balls.  One of the zippered side pockets is even thermal insulated to keep water bottles cold or food fresh.

So if you want to pack a cold water bottle and orange slices for a snack in between matches – this little bag lets you do it easily!

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3 Racquet Tennis Bags

Best 3 Racquet Tennis BagHEAD Core Pro 3R Bag

Video Source: Tennis Warehouse

Storage Capacity

All your equipment will share one main area of space.


Extremely affordable!  Retails for around $30.

Ease of Use

This is a simple, minimalists type of racquet tennis bag.  Easy to use but no outstanding bells and whistles.

Overall rating :  4/5

I’ll put it to you this way.  If I just needed a bag for me, and only me, this is the one I’d buy.

If you’re a simple, weekend type player with one or maybe two racquets, dedicated court shoes and always bring a change of clothes to the courts – then this one is for you.

As the name implies, it can fit 3 racquets but you’ll be hard pressed to fit much of anything else in this bag.  But, if you’re like me and only bring one racquet, you can easily fits shoes, a towel and a change of clothes into this lightweight tennis bag.

HEAD has designed it to be fairly simple.  Not necessarily boring but pragmatic, useful and dependable.  If your someone who doesn’t like to pay for things you just won’t use – you’ll appreciate HEAD’s approach to this bag.

From a storage stand point, the bag’s best feature is also its biggest drawback.  It’s only got one main storage area so you’ll never be unzipping four or five different compartments to find your things.

But, that also means all your tennis gear will be sharing the same space. Racquets, shoes, shirts, towel, water bottles…its all going to be in the main compartment.  There are no dedicated side compartments other than the small zippered accessory pocket on the front.

Carrying this little guy is a breeze thanks to the traditional bag style handles or the adjustable, padded shoulder strap that’s included.

I’m the type of guy that would throw two racquets, my Adidas Barricade Boost court shoes, a towel and spare shirt into a bag and head to the courts.  This bag would work great for me…I’d just be holding my water bottle separately.

My 3 Racquet Bag Upgrade PickWilson Fed Team Tennis Bag

Video Source: Midwest Sports

Storage Capacity

One dedicated compartment space and big accessory pocket.


For a premium bag, it’s very affordable!  Typically retails for around $50.

Ease of Use

Simple, very portable and light weight.

Overall rating :   4.5/5

If it’s good enough for Roger Federer to put his name on it, then you know it’s a quality Wilson product; even when it’s a bag (not a racquet).

I like the simple, solid black color scheme with the subtle yet professional embroidered Roger Federer signature on the side.  In fact, the whole bag has a unique enthusiast type of look and feel.  It doesn’t look nearly as inexpensive as it is.

In terms of functionality, it’s similar to the 3R bag from HEAD above.  It’s got a large main compartment for racquets and extra gear like clothes and shoes.

It’s spacious enough to hold three tennis racquets as well as a few other things but the storage space is going to be about the same as any other 3 racquet bag you’ll find on the market.

The big advantage this bag has over other bags, and the reason why it’s my upgrade pick is because it has two side pockets (instead of one from the 3R bag from HEAD) and they are all much bigger.

The side pockets are big enough to hold a can of tennis balls AND your water bottle.  This may seem insignificant but, when it comes to other 3 racquet bags, you’ll be hard pressed to find accessory pockets this big and spacious.  

Lastly, I love the fact that this bag comes with a padded top around the main storage zipper area.  This means your racquets are protected if the bag is dropped.

Again, this may seem like a minor feature but trust me, this is an additional safety benefit that other small racquet bags usually don’t come with.

6 Racquet Tennis Bags

6 Racquet Bag – My Value Pick – HEAD Djokovic 6 Racquet Deluxe Tennis Bag

Video Source: Tennis Warehouse

Storage Capacity

Easily enough room for 6 racquets, clothes and shoes but with fewer dedicated compartments.


For the size and storage capacity, this bag is relatively affordable and can be found for under $100.

Ease of Use

The side pocket locations are intuitive and creatively placed but lack some space.  Padded, yet comfortable shoulder straps and traditional handles make it fairly easy to maneuver, even when full.

Overall rating :  3.5/5

Admittedly, I was drawn to this tennis bag purely from an aesthetic stand point.  It’s eye catching, professional looking and screams “I’m a true tennis fan.”

The black, white and grey color schemes are simple and effective.  There are no loud, in your face color dynamics here.  Just simple, well tailored design lines that make you feel like you’ve got an elite tennis bag.

And for the most part, you’d be right.  It is a great tennis bag.

The two main racquet compartments are more than large enough to hold six racquets with ease…and more.

One of the two dedicated racquet slots is thermal insulated and climate controlled to keep your gear safe from the elements.  (You’ll see this feature in my favorite bag below as well).

This bag also features two accessory side pockets that fit the design and shape of the bag brilliantly but lack a little function.  They can hold a can of balls and/or a water bottle but I was left wanting more space from these accessory slots.  I’d even love a few additional (smaller) ones near the top of the bag.

Carrying this bag to and from the court is made easy thanks to sturdy, padded shoulder straps so you can throw this big guy over your shoulder and essentially wear it like a backpack.  This is my favorite aspect of this bag!

Overall this bag has the goods but my biggest complaint is that there is no dedicated dirty clothes or shoe compartment.

Are the two main compartments big enough to hold those items?

Absolutely but I’m not a fan of my smelly shoes or clothes sharing the same space as my nice racquet that I may have spent over a $100 on.

Call me particular but I like my stuff to have dedicated slots for them – no matter how big or small the gear I’m bringing may be.

Trust me, for a little extra money, I’d opt for the Babolat bag below…

BEST 6 Racquet Bag My Favorite PickBabolat Pure Tennis Racquet Holder

Video Source: Tennis Warehouse

Storage Capacity

There are five dedicated storage compartments – each with it’s own design and function!


Finding a bag with this much storage for under $100 is a steal!

Ease of Use

Meticulously designed so that every pocket, compartment and storage area has a specific function!  Very intuitive.

Overall rating :  5/5

Let me start by saying of all the bags I’ve reviewed, this is by far my favorite!  It’s the one I’d recommend for anyone needing to carry multiple racquets and gear.  There is not better choice!

Babolat put everything into this bag and hardly left anything out!  It’s amazing how much purposeful storage this bag has without feeling bulky and fat.

To begin, I must mention the two main, racquet specific compartments. Each comfortably holds three racquets with room to spare.  Some bags have compartments that barely hold three racquets, making you feel like the manufacturer sort of lied about its capacity.

Not here, 6 tennis racquets can easily sit nestled in their own place.  It’s not a stretch from the Babolat marketing department.

One of the racquet compartments even comes Isothermal insulated!  This extra layer of insulated protection serves two purposes.

One, it helps keep your racquets safely protected from the elements at all times.  No rain or water of any kind can get in and touch your racquets.  Secondly, and more importantly, the isothermal insulated compartment is designed to prevent tension loss in your string bed.

The plethora of nooks and crannies are rounded out by two accessory pockets where you’ll get inner, lined sections for specific personal items like a cell phone or wallet.

In addition, there is plenty of room for water bottles, cans of balls and even snacks should you be spending all day at a high school tournament or match.

However, my favorite feature of this bag is the extremely hidden but very functional shoe pocket or dirty clothes section.  No more putting your sweaty shirt in with your racquets or next to a clean change of clothes.

Your smelly socks and shoes have their space to sit without stinking up the bag.

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12 Racquet Tennis Bags

The Best 12 Racquet Tennis BagHEAD Djokovic 12 Pack Monstercombi Bag

Video Source: Tennis Warehouse

Storage Capacity

The storage options with this signature Djokovic bag are almost too many to count. 12 racquets?  No problem. Separate shoe area?  Check!


For under $100 (I’ve seen this bag much lower too), you get three large compartments, a shoe slot and accessory pockets.  V-A-L-U-E!

Ease of Use

The fact that you get all this dedicated space is a testament to its design genius.  The most impressive thing is that when it’s sitting down, standing upright…it looks like a large backpack.  I love this bag!

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Believe it or not, when I was researching 12 racquets bags, it was actually very difficult to find a good bag, with ample storage that had a dedicated shoe compartment.

What good is a big tennis bag that can hold a ton of racquets but forces you to throw your sweaty shoes in with all your gear?  Exactly!  What good is all that space if your damp shoes are stinking up your change of clothes?

That was one of the most important features I looked into when researching big, twelve racquet tennis bags.  And this bag has the most subtle yet intuitive shoe pocket I’ve seen in any of the tennis bags I’ve combed through.

What makes it subtle?

Well, for starters, it’s hidden.

The separate shoe compartment on this monstercombi tennis bag is secretly hidden towards the back (or butt) of the bag.

The zipper to the shoe compartment is small and discrete, making it look like there is not a lot of space, but trust me there is!  Once you open the shoe zipper slot, you’ll see a compartment easily big enough to hold a pair of men’s or women’s tennis shoes.

Rounding out the overall function of this tennis bag are two accessory pockets on either side of the bag on the outer edge.

The main racquet holding compartments are fairly standard for a 12 racquet tennis bag.  You get three large compartments each capable of holding four tennis racquets.  One of them is thermal insulated so you get extra protection from the elements.

The middle compartment is designed to hold another four racquets and gear.  It’s also separated internally so that your water bottle and change of clothes are not laying on top of your racquets.  Each item has its own space to sit in.

I like this feature because it’s an extra layer of design intuitiveness that some other manufacturers don’t put into their bags.

The last racquet compartment is a dedicated racquet area without thermal insulation.  To the folks at HEAD – why not give both racquet slots thermal protection?  That’s my biggest grip about this racquet.

This flagship bag from HEAD, and it wouldn’t be a flagship bag if it didn’t have Novak Djokavic’s name embroidered on it, has pretty much everything.  This is a great tennis bag for the whole family, especially if it’s a large tennis loving family.

Editor’s Note: It should be mentioned that this bag also comes in a 9 racquet bag option.

My 12 Racquet Upgrade Pick – Babolat Pure Tennis Racquet Holder x12

Video Source: Tennis Warehouse

Storage Capacity

Plenty of storage here but tons of dedicated storage slots for specific things including two thermal protected racquet pockets!


This bag is extremely affordable based on all its features and functions.  This bag offers tons of extras for under $100!

Ease of Use

Babolat made it extra easy with lots of dedicated zipper pockets and compartments designed for a specific function without limiting its overall impact.

Overall rating :  4.5 / 5

Babolat takes the top spot in my book for best twelve racquet bag because of the “extra” it incorporates.

What do I mean by extra?

Well for starters, this Babolat tennis bag takes all the design elements of the HEAD bag above and expands upon almost all of them.

The most immediate upgrade you’ll notice with the Babolat Pure Bag is that both dedicated racquet compartments give you thermal insulation. It’s an extra level of racquet care that should just come standard; and in this bag, it does.

The main, middle compartment is large and spacious to hold more racquets and gear and comes with a small slip sack with a draw string to put your dirty clothes in!  This was the only bag I researched that included a dirty clothes sack!  Genius!

That’s my favorite aspect to this bag, and the slip sack can easily be thrown into the washing machine if it gets stinky from your dirty clothes.

The accessory pockets on either end are big and come with their own internal slots for personal items like phone, wallet, car keys, racquet dampeners, grip tape etc.

Most bags this size have two accessory pockets but usually only one of the pockets has dedicated personal item slots.  Babolat upgraded this bag (again), and had both accessory pockets allow for personal organization.

Finally, this bag does have a separate shoe slot, but instead of it being at the end of the bag, it’s located at the tippy top and is very discrete yet functional.  The design elements to this bag are plentiful and the shoe compartment proves that!

Carrying this bag is easy thanks to its thick, padded shoulders straps for backpack style transportation.  Not to mention, the bag itself is made from thick, durable canvas style materials that can handle rough and tough daily usage.

For only a few bucks more that the HEAD 12 racquet bag above, you get A LOT more!  I highly recommend the upgrade if you need a large team bag.

Editor’s Note: It should be mentioned that this bag also comes in a 9 racquet bag option.

Best Tennis Duffle Bag

The Best Tennis Duffle Bag – HEAD Gravity 6R Duffle Tennis Bag

Video Source: Tennis Warehouse

Storage Capacity

Holds 6 to 12 racquets depending on the size with accessory storage as well.


A little over priced in my opinion.  Other bags on my list offer much more at a lower price.

Ease of Use

It’s plenty big to hold and cover your racquets and gear completely but the shoulder straps always get in the way of the main zipper compartments – which can be a pain.

Overall rating :  3.5/5

If you’re a fan of the duffle bag style of bag then there is really only one bag to recommend to you.  It’s the Gravity Duffle Bag series from HEAD.

Depending on the storage capacity you’re looking for, this bag comes in two different sizes:

6 Racquet

12 Racquet

Both bags come with the same standard design and functionality.  The only difference is that the twelve racquet size come with an extra racquet storage area dedicated just for 3-4 extra racquets.

Each bag type comes standard with an outer accessory pocket for easy zippered access to personal items.

The main storage compartment for both the 6R and 12R versions is big, organized internally AND adjustable.

The main compartment has a separate slot for racquets and a divider running down the middle for larger personal items like a change of clothes or water bottle.  This personal item side is slightly adjustable to make room for larger items.

For instance, if you don’t want a dedicated spot for a large water bottle, you can simply adjust the size of this area with a convenient velcro strip…all while keeping your racquets in the main storage area –  in their own separate slot.

This comes in handy and is my favorite design element to this tennis duffle bag.

It should also be noted that there are two zippered pockets for smaller personal items located within this main storage compartment, making it easy to slide extra string or dampeners into these spots.

The amount of functionality HEAD has engineered into the main storage section is remarkable!

Finally, this duffle bag does come standard with a shoe tunnel for dedicated stinky shoe space – that’s regardless of the 6R or 12R, which is nice.

Carrying this duffle bag to and from the courts is easy with a grab handle and shoulder straps.

Overall, this is a well designed, quality tennis duffle bag.  I’m just not a fan of the duffle bag style.  The shoulder straps always get in the way of the main storage area.  But, this is pretty much the case with all gym/duffle bags.

For a dedicated tennis bag, I’d much rather go with a 6 Racquet tennis bag like I’ve outlined above over a duffle.

But if you’re a duffle bag/gym bag kind of person – this is the only choice as far as I’m concerned.

Best Tennis Bags – Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, when selecting a tennis bag, you should look at three features:

  1. Storage Capacity
  2. Cost/Affordability
  3. How Easy Is It To Use

For me and my family, the Babolat Pure Tennis 6R Racquet Holder was the best.  It’s got size without being too bulky and tons of dedicated storage for all the things we need at the courts.

But, everyone’s needs are different.  If you’re a single player, the three racquet or even backpack styles are going to work perfect!

There are a ton of tennis bags to choose from today but I recommend going with a bag made from a dedicated tennis manufacturer.  There are cheaper bag options but those companies don’t know tennis like the pros do.  And functionality and design suffers because of that lack of knowledge.

The bags I recommend are ALL manufactured, designed and sold by the brands that are paving the way for the next generation of tennis fans.

Got a bag you love that didn’t make my list?  Tell me about it in the comments sections below!



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