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An Illustrated Look at the Best Pickleball Bags

I recently bought a bunch of new paddles and I needed to upgrade my pickleball bag badly!  I began to research and look into the best pickleball bags on the market and analyze which one met my needs the best.  But not all bags are the same and everyone’s needs are different.  So, I decided to buy a bunch of bags, try them out and share with you which ones truly are the best pickleball bags available today.

What are the best pickleball bags right now?  Well, after using and abusing six different bags and styles, I can confidently recommend to you the Onix Backpack.  I loved it because I could fit 7 paddles in it along with a water bottle, shoes, and a clean pair of clothes.  I could fit ALL of this without it feeling too bulky or overloaded.

The Onix Backpack is my current favorite bag but there are many other great pickleball bags to choose from.  In fact, there are many types of styles with different features and storage capabilities.  And in this article, I’m going to walk you through the best pickleball bags based on each bag type and explain the benefits they provide.

Best Pickleball Bags


*Holds 8 Paddles!

Best Backpack -

The Onix Pickleball Backpack

  • 2 dedicated compartments just for paddles!
  • 5 zippered pockets including one thermal insulated pocket!
  • Separate pickleball shoe compartment!
  • Held my 7 paddles, dedicated court shoes, water bottle, towel and a set of balls - with no issues!
  • Under $60!
5 of 5 Stars

*Holds 7 Paddles!

Best Duffle Bag - The Game On Duffle Bag

  • Surprisingly spacious main storage area!
  • Side pouch for personal items like cell phone and wallet
  • Items share space but held all 7 seven of my paddles, court shoes and my small personal items easily!
  • Under $30!
4 of 5 Stars

*Holds 8 Paddles!

Best Paddle Bag - The Wilson Rak Pak Pickleball Bag

  • Shaped to mimic the shape of a pickleball paddle
  • Two dedicated paddle compartments!
  • One large center compartment for more paddles, shoes and a change of clothes!
  • Super strong and soft shoulder straps for easy transport!
  • Held all 7 of my paddles, a towel, my water bottle and my dedicated court shoes easily with room to spare!
4 of 5 Stars

*Holds 2 Paddles Easily!

Best Sling Bag - The Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag

  • Only sling bag I've found to offer three dedicated zippered pockets!
  • Made from strong, durable nylon!
  • Slightly bigger than most other pickleball sling bags!
  • Easily holds 2-3 paddles and water bottle, bag of three balls!
  • Simply holds more paddles than most other sling bags!
  • Most professional looking and spacious sling bag on the market!
4 of 5 Stars

Why Trust Me When It Comes To The Best Pickleball Bags

You can trust my word on pickleball bags because I took the time to buy and use the bags I talk about in this article.  I’ve bought and used a bag in each pickleball bag category.  So if I bought a pickleball bag and liked it, I recommended it.  If I didn’t like it, it didn’t make my list.

If you like small sling bags, I’ve got you covered.  If you’re a two racket kind of player - I’ve used a bag I think you’ll love.  Or, if you’re like me and you need a bag that holds over 4 paddles comfortably along with some dedicated shoes and other gear - then I’ve got the right pickleball bag for you.

In short, because I’ve used all various types of pickleball bags - I feel this is the most honest, play tested list of the best pickleball bags you’ll find. 

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Best Pickleball Bag For 2020 - My Backpack Of Choice

best pickleball bags

The Onix backpack is the best pickleball bag for 2020 because of how functional it was for me.  In fact, I wasn’t expecting it to be this roomy, have this much storage and have the amount of pocket space that it does.

And to top it all off, it’s got a separate shoe compartment.  Which for me, is a must. 

best pickleball bags

Separate shoes fit easily in their dedicates slot.

And the best part? It’s only around $60!!

What I was most impressed with was how compact this pickleball bag was without feeling too bulky.  

Based on its size, you wouldn’t expect to be able to carry 8 paddles comfortably...and that’s not counting the separate shoe area. 

This bag proves you don’t need a giant bag to hold a lot of gear.  

In fact, compared to the Wilson Rak Pak Paddle bag, which holds just as much, the Onix is actually smaller.  

Yes smaller.

Meaning it holds as much (if not more) than paddle shaped bags bigger than it.  

Here's a look at the two bags, side by side...

best pickleball bags

It’s got tons of storage capacity but doesn’t take up much floor real estate.  Which also makes it easy to carry and store.

You won’t find another Pickleball bag with this much functionality, in this price range.  It just doesn’t exist.  Trust me, I’ve looked.

If you’ve got two or more paddles and like the idea of keeping your shoes separate (which can extend court shoe lifespan) then this pickleball bag is a no brainer.

best pickleball bags

The Onix Pickleball Bag held all 7 of my paddles.

The only thing I’d change is the size of the thermal pocket on the side.  It’s got a total of four side pockets for personal items, which is plenty.  And one of them is thermal insulated to keep food cold.

This is a nice feature that not all bags have but it's small.  It’s not big enough to hold a water bottle, which is probably the number one thing you’d want to keep cold.  Instead, its shape and size is tailored towards something smaller….like a power bar or ham sandwich.

Power Bars don’t need to be cold and nobody is going to bring a ham sandwich to the pickleball court.  See my point?

best pickleball bags

The thermal insulated pouch could be bigger.

Overall though, there is just so much to like about the Onix Pickleball Backpack. It really has everything you need for a friendly afternoon at the courts or for a weekend tournament.

It's super spacious without being bulky.  It's has dedicates space for shoes and paddles along with every side pocket you'd imagine.

All of this easily make it my top pickleball bag for 2020


  • Massive main storage area
  • Separate shoe compartment
  • Two separate zippered paddle slots
  • 4 zippered pockets for personal items
  • Super comfy, padded shoulder straps
  • Sits upright when on the ground


  • Thermal insulated pocket is too small

Want An Upgrade Option?

best pickleball bags

If you like the backpack style of Pickleball bag but need something a little bigger, try the Gearbox Pickleball Backpack.  The Gearbox Pickleball Backpack is my choice if you're a serious Pickleballer who enters tournaments, and needs room for extra gear.  

My brother is a tournament player and this bag has served him well for two years.  It’s the perfect upgrade option from the smaller Onix backpack. 

Best Pickleball Bags 2020 - My Choice For Top Duffle Bag Style

-The Game On Pickleball Duffle Bag-

best pickleball bags

If you're a simple person, don’t need anything fancy, and just want to throw your gear into a bag and be done with it, then I’ve found the bag for you!

The Game On Duffle Bag was SO roomy and SO spacious it almost took my top spot.  When I bought it, I didn’t envision myself being this impressed.  I mean, it’s just a small duffle bag.

But looks can be deceiving.

Apparently, bags that come in small sizes can offer a ton of space!

And that’s this bag’s strongest feature!

The amount of gear I was able to dump into this bag, zip it up and carry around comfortably was shocking!

best pickleball bags

The Game One Duffle Bag was able to hold ALL my gear!

I basically took all the gear I packed into much bigger bags like the Wilson Rak Pak and Onix Backpack and wondered if the Game On Duffle bag could hold all of it as well.  No way, I thought...this duffle bag is only a fraction of the size of those other two bags.  

I mean, just look at the size difference...

best pickleball bags

The bag on the left, held everything I put into the bigger bag on the right.

There’s no way but...I was wrong!

It only features one main storage space in the center, like all duffle bags do, so I started piling the items in there.

I was able to fit 7 paddles, a pair of shoes, a towel, a water bottle and a box of pickleball balls (set of three) in this thing! 

And I could zip it up!

best pickleball bags

With all my gear inside, I could still zip this little bag up.  Amazing!

Now mind you, all these items were neatly placed inside this bag and I had to have my shoes sitting on top of the paddles to make it work.  Then I put the towel, balls and water bottle in and off to the side.

But it worked!  I literally stood back and admired this set up.  I didn’t expect this cheap little bag to be able to do it!  

To top it all off, it’s got a spacious side pocket along the outer edge for personal items.  That is big enough for your wallet and cell phone, and even a snack of some kind.

The straps to carry it are small but made of strong nylon so it’s sturdy.  Despite filling this bag to the brim, I never felt like I had overloaded it.  I never felt like it was going to rip or tear it at the seams.

Essentially, if you don’t mind your things sharing space and want to just throw your gear in a bag and go….then I recommend a duffle bag.  And this duffle bag is more than up to the task!


  • Held 7 paddles and shoes with no issues
  • Big open main storage space - 18”x10.5”x9”
  • Side pocket for personal items
  • Professional looking, doesn’t appear cheap
  • Inexpensive - around $20
  • Comes in three colors:  Red, Green and Blue


  • Would love if outside slip pocket was insulated
  • More color options would be good

Want Something Bigger?

As an upgrade option in the duffle bag arena, I recommend two.  If you like simple, but just need something bigger, try the Pickleball Marketplace Medium Duffle Bag.  It’s got more room inside, more side pockets including a separate water bottle slot and is only around $30.   

For something even more high quality for just a little more money, I’d recommend the WANDF Gym Bag.  It’s not a dedicated pickleball duffle bag but it’s got plenty of storage including a separate wet pocket slot for shoes or sweaty clothes.  It’s a super versatile duffle bag, that’s water resistant and folds up for easy storage.

Both bags are just a little more money than the Game On Duffle Bag but offer you a little more.

Best Pickleball Bags 2020 - My Choice For Top Paddle Bag Style

-The Wilson Rak Pak Pickleball Bag-

best pickleball bags

The paddle shaped style of pickleball bag is an interesting one.  

The shape of “paddle bags” as they are called, was inspired by popular tennis bags made nowadays to mimic the shape of modern day tennis rackets.

The theory goes like this:

A racket shaped bag can and should hold more rackets. 

Despite being in the shape of a racket, it takes subtle functionality cues from a duffle bag but is worn over both shoulders like a backpack.  

It's a hybrid bag of sorts.  Part duffle bag, part backpack.

This new shape and design trend took off in tennis.  They’re everywhere now!

But does this shape and design work for pickleball bags too?

Yes, it most certainly does!  And I could make a case that this style of bag actually works better for the sport of pickleball than tennis because the equipment, namely the paddles, are smaller.

Making for a smaller, easy to carry“racket” or in this case "paddle" shaped bag.

The tennis bags of this ilk are massive!  They’re too big in my opinion.  They’re uncomfortably bulky.

Which is why I was apprehensive to try this pickleball bag made from Wilson.  

I was afraid, given its style and shape it would be too big and bulky like its tennis bag cousin.

I was wrong.  

It wasn’t massive at all. It was just the right size for this style of bag.

And while it takes storage capacity and functionality cues from Wilson’s line of bigger tennis bags (why shouldn’t it), this pickleball bag is appropriately shrunk down to fit the game of pickleball just perfectly.  

It truly is made for pickleball.  It’s not a tennis bag in disguise.  It literally is designed to hold only one kind of racket - a pickleball racket. 

best pickleball bags

It boasts two side paddle shaped zippered pockets on either side of the main storage compartment in the center.  These side paddle slots are constructed solely with paddles in mind.  

They’ll each comfortably hold two to three paddles each. 

best pickleball bags

Each paddle slot holds two or three paddles comfortable.

As for the large center compartment - it’s  big enough for shoes, a change of clothes, and other gear; or more paddles.

best pickleball paddles

The roomy center compartment is large enough to hold your shoes and other extra equipment. 

Again, I did my pickleball bag test with the Wilson Rak Pak pickleball bag and it undoubtedly held all 7 of my paddles; two paddles in each side paddle pocket and three more in main center area.  

Within the main the center storage area I also added shoes, my water bottle, a towel and a pack of three balls.  

best pickleball bags

I then threw my personal items like my keys and cell phone into the outermost zippered pocket. 

Keep in mind, it doesn’t have a designated shoe compartment.  Which I’m partial to.  

And the side pocket for personal items actually deceived me.  It’s shape and size suggests that it’ll hold a paddle.  

In fact, I was so sure it was meant for a paddle I ended up jamming a paddle in there just to see.

But, I couldn’t zip the zipper.  Which made me realize it wasn’t meant for a paddle. But it was damn close.

In fact, my one change would be to make that side personal item slot bigger to actually fit a paddle and move the personal item pocket on the opposite side of the bag - where there is nothing.

But those are small gripes.  I found the Wilson Rak Pak Pickleball bag to be extremely easy to carry, light on the shoulders and perfectly designed to hold all my gear comfortably.


  • Fancy side paddle pockets keep your paddles in their own padded slot
  • Easily holds 8 paddles
  • Main compartment great for separate shoes
  • Easy to carry, padded shoulder straps
  • Not overly big in size
  • Designed specifically for pickleball 


  • No dedicated shoe area
  • No separate sweaty clothes spot
  • No thermal insulated compartment
  • Only one personal item pocket

Looking For An Upgrade Option?

If you like this style of bag but need something with a little more built in room to carry more gear, try the HEAD Tour Team Pickleball Supercombi Pickleball.  It’s got more room because it’s a little bigger than the Wilson Rak Pak bag.  

It has all the same features as the Wilson except two additional ones:

  1. It has bigger left and right paddle slots that can hold up to four paddles each.  
  2. And the large middle section has additional elastic personal item pouches.  

So it’s got a few more bells and whistles making it a perfect upgrade option for not much more money at all.

Best Pickleball Bags 2020 - My Choice For Top Sling Bag 

-The Franklin Sports Pickleball Sling Bag-

I’ve tried many sling bags for pickleball and one bag keeps topping them all.  

The Franklin Sports Pickleball Sling Bag just out does the competition buy simply having more room and a better overall design.

In fact, I recently tried the Pickleball Fanatic Sling Bag thinking it might be as good or better than the Franklin Sports Bag.

It wasn't even close...check out the pic below.  I couldn't even fit three paddles in it and zip it up.

best pickleball bags

I had trouble fitting three paddles into the Pickleball Fanatic Sling Bag

Where other sling bags offer a small main compartment and very little personal items space, the Franklin Sports Sling Bag gives you more.  

3 more to be precise.

This is the only pickleball sling bag I’ve found to offer three zippered pockets.

best pickleball bags

Three zippered pockets means more paddles and gear.

Compare it to the Pickleball Fanatic Sling Bag which only has one zippered main pouch and a tiny velcro pouch for small items and you’ll immediately begin to appreciate why Franklin sells more of their sling bag versus everyone else.

With two large zippered slots you can simply carry more paddles.

best pickleball bags

Even the personal item pocket shown here is bigger than other bags I've tried.

best pickleball bags

The pouch and overall quality on other sling bags like this one don't compare to the Franklin Bag.

Other sling bags would struggle to fit two paddles and a bottle of water with a towel.

The Franklin Sports Sling Bag does not.  

And for a little over $10 more, why not be able to carry more?

It’s also got a thick padded strap that is adjustable so that your shoulder doesn’t get worn out.  

There really is no other choice.  What is the best pickleball sling bag?  It’s hands down the Franklin Sports Pickleball Sling Bag.

This little bag also comes in five different colors. Black and green (shown), black and grey, black and blue, all gray,  and gray and pink for the ladies.

I don’t even have an upgrade option for you.

For under $30, this is the only sling to consider.  


  • 3 total zippered pockets
  • Holds 2 paddles and other gear easily
  • Comes in five colorful schemes
  • Holds more gear than other cheaper sling bags I've tried
  • Made from really high quality, durable nylon
  •  Most professional looking sling bag out there 


  • No thermal insulated compartment
  •  Personal item pouch could be a little big

Best Pickleball Bags - Final Thoughts

So there you have it.  In 2020, those are the best pickleball bags I’ve tried and used.  

My top pick still remains the Onix Backpack for its space functionality and affordability.  

Keep scrolling down for my top pics from last year.

What bag do you carry to the courts?  Leave a message below and let me know!

Happy pickleballing!

Best Pickleball Bags From Previous Years: 2019 and Before

Once the sport has you hooked and you've bought the two fundamental pieces of equipment (proper court shoes and the right paddle) you might be in the market for a dedicated pickleball bag.

There are a wide range of pickleball bags available on the market today ranging from sling bags, to duffel bags, backpacks and even tote bags.  All of these come in a vast array of colors, sizes, styles, and functions. There are even pickleball "paddle" bags or covers, dedicated to keeping just your paddle tucked away safely.  

In this post, we're going to be giving you a run down of the very best pickleball bags on the market today across ALL bag types.  So, whether you're looking for a simple sling bag to hold a paddle or two and some balls, or a complete duffel bag to carry paddles, balls and clothes - we've got you covered and have found the best pickleball bags to fit your needs.  

4 Types of Pickleball Bags

When you're searching for the best pickleball bag to purchase you'll be  presented with four primary choices: a smaller “sling bag", a traditional duffel bag” style, a "backpack" and even a "tote bag."  Each type of bag has its respective virtues and depending on you're needs, can offer what you want at a reasonable price. We will cover the best pickleball bags available for each style in more detail below, but first, let's talk about what each style offers you the player.

Pickleball Bags - Sling Bags

Sling bags are the most popular type of bag for pickleball players and generally speaking, offer a great combination of comfort, portability and functionality.

They are designed to mimic a pickleball paddle's tear drop shape to comfortably hold your repertoire of paddles.  Sling bags do not typically offer separate storage compartments so as long as you're okay with most of your gear sharing the same space, you'll be fine.  

However, they DO offer smaller items like cell phones their own space along the sides, to prevent larger items in the main area from causing accidental damage.  Fitting a minimal amount of gear will be easy with sling bags and they won't wrench your shoulders all the way.  

Good pickleball sling bags have either a double cinch strap to comfortably throw over both shoulders, or one large padded shoulder strap that comes across your chest.  Overall, sling bags make a great choice if you're looking for a simple, lightweight bag that is easy to carry around and hold you're basic pickleball gear (paddles, balls, water bottle, personal items etc).  

Pickleball sling bags are an excellent option for the no-frills player who wants to easily “sling” their bag over their shoulder and arrive at games unencumbered and ready to play.

Pickleball Bags - Duffel Bags

When you need to carry more than just the basics, you'll want to look for a larger duffel bag for your pickleball needs.  

True to a traditional duffel or "gym" bag type of approach, pickleball duffel bags feature a large expansive main interior compartment that can house all of your essentials that you would need during a friendly game or weekend tournament.

Pickleball duffel bags are typically large enough to carry up to 4-6 paddles, towels, shoes, water bottles, snacks, a change of clothes and more!

Additionally, many of the better pickleball duffel bags on the market will feature an array of exterior pockets for quick-to-reach convenience of keys, cell phones, and sunglasses.  Simply put, you can't beat a pickleball duffel bag's size and functionality.  

If you're playing for extended periods of time at a gym, recreation center or even a tournament, we highly recommend going with a duffel bag.

Pickleball Bags - Backpacks

With pickleball backpacks, the name of the game is "organized storage." Nothing offers a more systemized approach to holding your pickleball gear than a backpack.  

Pickleball backpacks offer way more room than a sling bag and are designed to be more coordinated than a duffel bag.  Do they offer as much room as a duffel bag?  No, but with two main compartments to separate your larger items, and a plethora of zipper side pockets and flaps, pickleball backpacks offer way more structure to how they hold your pickleball items.  

In addition, if comfort is king and you want something that is supremely easy to carry, nothing is easier on the shoulders and lower back than a backpack. You'd be surprised what you can fit in a backpack as well...paddles, shoes, clothes; they all fit comfortably thanks to separated compartments held within the main zippered chamber.  

If you want storage space without the bulk of a duffel bag, we recommend you check out a backpack - it could be the best pickleball bag based on your needs.

Pickleball Bags - Tote Bags

Pickleball tote bags just started trickling into the market and offer a great alternative to sling bags.  Tote bags fall somewhere in between a sling bag and a duffel bag.  

They offer slightly more room and accessibility than a sling bag, without the size and bulk found in a large duffel bag.  You could say, it's a "tweener" bag and offers a little bit of everything.  

The tote bags on our list are more geared towards female players looking for a practical pickleball bag with less of masculine feel and more style.  Inside a good pickleball tote bag you'll find plenty of space in the large main compartment while offering simple side zipper pockets to safely store smaller personal items.  

Most tote bags can comfortably hold 3-4 paddles with extra room for other smaller pieces of pickleball equipment.  Portability for pickleball tote bags depends on your personal needs.  

Some tote bags just have long handles and do not offer shoulder carrying options while some may offer both.  It's important to look at these carrying options so that you find the right level of comfort while transporting your gear.

The Best Pickleball Bags - Sling Bag Options

The Pickleball-X Elite 

best pickleball bags

Touted as the official bag of the US Open Pickleball Championship games, this highly-popular Pickleball sling bag is a fan-favorite.  

This bag features two main compartments, along with a smaller fully-padded zippered pocket for easy access to important items, a reinforced hanging loop, in addition to a side located mesh pocket for items like bottled water.

The main compartments are roomy enough to carry four Pickleball paddles and up to a dozen balls.

There’s also room enough to stow a towel and personal items like keys, wallet, and phone. Two additional lumbar support pads are located in the rear of the bag for increased airflow and heightened levels of comfort.  

This is an Amazon Best Seller for all the right reasons!

RUNNER UP PICK - Pickleball Marketplace Urban Sport Sling Bag

best pickleball bags

This sling bag is really well designed with multiple storage options in and around it's main internal chamber.

The first thing you notice are the meticulous zipper pockets lining the outside of the bag perfect for keys, cell phone and your wallet. 

They even included a zipper pocked on the actual shoulder strap making use of every possible square inch of space! Inside we've got room for 2 paddles, balls and a towel or extra shirt/shorts.

This baby has everything you'd need from a sling bag and looks sharp as well! Woven from a durable 600 denier polyester material coupled with a PVC backing, the Pickleball Marketplace Urban Sling Bag is built to last and fits the look of a dedicated pickleball player!

ALTERNATIVE PICKWolfe Sports Pickleball Sling Bag

best pickleball bags

This Pickleball Sling Bag from Wolfe Sports is the company’s answer to a consumer market demanding a premium pickleball bag that encompasses all of the best high-end attributes that seasoned players and beginner players alike can appreciate.

Termed by Wolfe Sports as a "Professional Pickleball Sling Bag", this product features a striking all-black body with crisp white and royal blue accents.

It looks the part thanks to Slazenger Sports, who designed the bag. Slazenger is a British company known for their premium sports equipment and accessories.

Distinct from its competitors, this bag features a fully padded interior for maximum protection and security for your most important items.

Along with the fully-padded interior comes a thick padded and reinforced strap that gives the bag a higher degree of strength and durability when carrying heavy loads.  In short, the strap is designed to last, so go ahead and load it up!

 OUR BUDGET PICK - The Game On Sling Bag

best pickleball bags

Like it's bigger cousin, the Game On Duffel Bag, this Game On sling bag comes with the fan favorite "Zero, Zero, Two "Game On" logo and is a great choice for those looking for a simple yet functional pickleball bag at a GREAT price!

The large inner section easily hold two paddles, a towel and half a dozen balls. For added protection, the inside of the main compartment is padded so your precious paddles can stay safe and sound!

Along the outside, you'll find a pocket perfectly crafted to safely hold smaller items like keys, wallet and a cell phone.

There is no exterior water bottle holder but you can easily fit those inside the bag. Just make sure you bring your water in a dedicated water bottle, like aCamelBak, so you're paddles don't get wet from condensation.

This bag has a simple two pocket system and it works. Nothing too fancy or complicated. Just a well designed pickleball bag designed to hold the bare essentials and get the job done. You can't go wrong with our Budget Pick!

The Best Pickleball Bags - Duffel Bag Options

The Game On Duffel Bag 

Known for it's signature pickleball phrase "Zero, Zero Two. Game On" this bag screams to the world that you are a Pickleball enthusiast.

best pickleball bags

The phrase "Zero, Zero, Two" is a favorite among pickleball fans because it represents the excitement every pickleball layer feels at the beginning of the match!  

That love for the game is exactly why the Game On Pickleball Duffel Bag has this famous phrase embroidered right on the front.  

From an aesthetics stand point, this is one of our favorite bags.  From it's traditional rectangle shape that embodies what a "gym bag" should look like to it's thick polyester feel and bright accident colors - it passes the eyeball test.  

If you had never seen a pickleball duffel bag before, but had to imagine one, this is what it would look like.

It's functionality is top shelf as well.  Inside it's fully padded interior, the Game On Pickleball Duffel Bag comfortably stores more than four paddles, a dozen pickleballs, your dedicated pickleball shoes, a change of clothes, a towel and a water bottle.  

If you pack light like me, you'll probably have room to spare thanks to it's large 18 inch long design. The total bag dimensions are 18" long x 9" wide x 10.5" high.  Not that we expect you to get your measuring tape out but, that's plenty of space!  

It even comes with a comfy shoulder strap and front slip pocket for cell phones, keys and other smaller personal belongings.  In fact, all of it's exterior pockets are either of the slip-style variety or zippered style for quick access of items that you may need between games.

All in, this one of the best pickleball bags available on the market, especially if you're looking for a duffel bag style. This is a dedicated gym bag made for pickleball lovers!

 ALTERNATIVE PICK - The Pickleball Marketplace Duffel Bag

best pickleball bags

This large spacious duffel bag for pickleball players is chock full of real estate to store all your gear in.  

The Pickleball Marketplace bag actually comes in the two sizes:  "Medium" and "Small."  

The one pictured here is the medium size and it's actually larger than the Game On Bag featured above (2,331 cubic inches to be exact).  

You can check out the smaller version here.  Either size is made with 600 denier polyester and features a thick adjustable shoulders strap for easy-over-the-shoulder carrying as well a mesh pockets for smaller items likes balls, cell phone and water bottle.  

We like the design of the Pickleball Marketplace Duffel Bag, it's got plenty of space however we prefer the Game On bag for it's superior functionality, design, look and feel.

The Best Pickleball Bags - Backpack Options

The Fila Sport Backpack 

best pickleball bags

As the name implies this is technically a Tennis bag but, all things considered this is one of the best pickleball bags on the market today!  

This is a pickleball player's dream come true because it's got everything!  Fila put some thought into this bag and left nothing on the table.  

It boasts a separate main storage area running through the center of the bag dedicated for your gear like a change of clothes, towels or other bulkier items. Behind the main area are the thick, padded paddle chambers.  

Fila wisely separated the paddle compartments to give everything it's own padded space. No paddle denting another paddle allowed here!  

This bag easily holds 3-4 pickleball paddles and balls.  Tucked away very discretely behind all the layers of storage is the shoe pocket, designed to hold any size shoe.  

I'm impressed with how well these shoes fit into the bag without making the bag look or feel like you're hauling around a ton of bricks.  When the bag has other items in it, you wouldn't know it's carrying shoes in a separate area.  

On top of that, one of it's four zippered side pouches is thermal insulated to hold a heat pack (injuries do occur) or a cold water!  They seriously thought of everything!  You just can't get these features with other pickleball bags!  

Made from high quality nylon, this pickleball bag is extremely durable and built to last. Capping it off, this backpack has thick padded straps for less shoulder strain and when you put down, it's bottom is designed so that the bag won't tip over. It stands straight up and down for added convenience.

Oh, did I mention, the price is very affordable?  Click the link below for the latest pice on Amazon. 

Runner Up Pick - The Head Tour Team Backpack

Similar to other tennis backpacks, the Head Tour Team Backpack is expertly put together and offers all the organization you'd expect from a well know tennis bag manufacturer.  

This Head bag will easily hold 3-4 pickleball paddles in it's dedicated slot for paddles and balls.  The main unit will hold court shoes, clothes, towels and anything you need for your weekly play at the courts.  

At the bottom, Head conveniently included a separate chamber for either shoes or sweaty clothes. However, the main compartment is so big, your pickleball shoes can easily fit snug there.  

This allows the vented portion to be used as a dirt laundry section. We love this feature!  This is perfect for us guys who go through a t-shirt or two when playing on a hot day.  Along the sides, are tight pockets to slip a water bottle into.  

Finally, the Head Tour bag gives players a small yet ample sized zipper front pocket for personal items.  

Overall, we like this bag but wish it offered more small pocket options.  It gives pickleball players a great choice when looking for a good pickleball bag but, we feel it could offer more.

Alternative Pick  #1 Pickleball Marketplace All-in-1 Backpack

best pickleball bags

This zipper loaded backpack from Pickleball Marketplace is one the better bags on the market because it offers easy multilayer zipper options all the way down the bag's face.  

From the rear, we get the biggest option, perfect for shoes and other items including clothes.  The next zipper in allows you to throw a couple paddles in with room to spare.  Depending on which of the bigger compartments you use for clothes or paddles, this bag can hold 2-4 paddles with little effort.  

Coming in towards the front of the bag we have yet another zippered pocket layer for larger personal items like a hat or towel. From there, we get the final two zipper pockets that are smaller and designed to carry keys, phones and other special items.  

We like how these two smaller front pockets are zippered for extra safety, something not every bag offers.  With "slip-in style" pockets (which this bag wisely doesn't offer), your more delicate, breakable items like a cell phone could fall out.  

As long as you use the zipper pockets here in the All-in-1 bag, you'll be good to go!  Capping off this bag are two mesh medium sized water bottle containers.

Despite it's single color option of boring gray, we love this bag's functionality and simple easy-access design.  It's a great pickleball bag option for any player novice to expert.

Alternative Pick  #2 Wolfe Sports Professional Pickleball Bag

best pickleball bags

This backpack from Franklin Sports has the look and feel of a professional pickleball bag because of it's black with neon green accents color scheme.  

At this price, it's a great deal too!  It looks more expensive than it actually is, and pack loads of storage and functionality.

In fact, Franklin Sports took some of functionality features we've seen from tennis bags, and incorporated them into this over the shoulder dedicated pickleball backpack.  

For instance, it's got a separate zippered storage area for a change of clothes. This is something most high end, bigger bags have but Franklin has wisely included it in this budget friendly backpack.

It's also got a lot of other bells and whistles that I just didn't expect at this price.  Like a mesh lined pocked for small valuables on the outside for easy access.  

That's smart, and convenient.  Speaking of convenience, I love the fact that it features a storage spot on the outside of the bag to carry a paddle.  

If you've got a change of clothes and your dedicated pickleball shoes in the main area, you can easily slide your pickleball paddle into the outside spot, and have easy access to it when you arrive to the courts!  Genius! 

And finally, it's a "top loader" bag, meaning the main compartment is found through the zipper at the top.  This helps the bag keep its shape and allow it to stand when it is set down.  

Franklin Sports, did it right!

The Best Pickleball Bags - Tote Bag Options

Pickleball Marketplace Tote

In the world of pickleball bags, tote bags are relatively new.  In fact, this pickleball tote bag from Pickleball Marketplace hit the market earlier this year - in April 2017.  

Despite it's newcomer status, it possesses a lot great features the common pickleball player will be looking for.  Main zipper pocket to hold multiple paddles?  Check.  Three to four paddles to be exact! Along the outside are two mesh water bottle holders.

While they're not big enough to carry a large water bottle, a standard 12oz container will fit snug in it's place.  

In addition to the main pocket for paddles and clothes, we get a adequate front pocket with another zipper to securely hold personal items i.e. keys and cell phone.  

The Pickleball Marketplace Tote Bag is made from 600 denier polyster so despite it's minimal price tag, it's not made cheaply.  It should stand up to the wear and tear of the everyday pickleball player going to and from the courts.

Overall, I like this tote bag.  

It covers all the basics while offering a different look and feel from other more serious bags.  As long as you don't mind most of you paddles and extra gear sharing the same space, this bag will work wonderfully for you.  

If you're looking for more dedicated space and compartment specific features, we recommend looking at a backpack or duffel bag.  It all depends on what you're looking for.  Options are a good thing!

Runner Up Pick - Large Pickleball Tote Bag for Women

This large pickleball tote bag designed for women is deceptively large and has way more compartments and functionality than you'd think.  

At first glance it almost looks like a basic pool bag you'd throw bathing suites and towels into but, once you see it up close, you get a feel for how much room this bag has and what it can carry.  

Within the main compartment, you'll find plenty of room for four paddles, a towel and change of clothes.  You can even fit shoes in there if you're only carrying one or two paddles.  

Depending on the gear you're lugging around, you can fit a number of items in the large zippered main pocket.  On the sides, we've got four smaller pockets; two on each side.  These don't shut so be careful what you put in there.

Additionally, a bag of balls fit perfectly in the side pockets.  

On the long end of the bag we have a mesh pocket designed to hold personal items or water bottles etc.  

Like the name implies, this pickleball bag is designed for the female player in mind and the four bright color patterns back that up.  

This is a great bag for any female player looking for something that has less of a "gym bag" look to it and wants something functional, simple, lightweight and cute.  

Closing Thoughts

Whether you are a 5.0 player or a beginner who has been freshly inaugurated to the sport of pickleball, choosing the right pickleball bag is important.

Before making your purchase, consider your expectations of a bag and ask yourself if you need compartments and pockets to store important accessories, a spacious interior that can house up to four pickleball paddles, or do you really just want a convenient option that you can throw over your shoulder and take to the court while protecting your paddle?  

Are you looking for space and functionality or something durable, simple and lightweight?  We hope this comprehensive breakdown of the best pickleball bags gives you a great place to start so you can buy the best bag that meets your specific needs.

Please leave a comment below!  Let us know what your favorite bag is and why, we'd love to hear from you!

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