tennis rackets for 2 year olds

Tennis Rackets For 2 Year Olds – A Pint Sized Parental Guide

If you've landed on this page, it's most likely because you've got a little one interested in tennis - and you're looking for tennis rackets for 2 year olds.  This is a very specific article, but for good reason.  I've researched tons of different tennis rackets for different types of players, age groups and skill levels.

But, it's not very easy to find good information on tennis racket for little ones - specifically toddlers around 2 years old.  So, in an effort to give parents like you the most accurate information on tennis rackets for two year olds, I created this helpful guide so that when it was time for your to make a racket choice - you were properly informed.

Why Trust Me?

After putting my two sons through many different kinds of tennis lesson, yes even at a very young age, I learned a lot about tennis rackets for little ones.  In my opinion, after having spent hundreds of dollars on tennis rackets for my kids, the best tennis racket for a 2 year old is a 17 inch racket like the Babolat Ball Fighter.

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In the rest of this article, I'm going to share what I've learned through the years as a dad putting to young kids through tennis lessons and trying to find the right size racket for them as they got bigger.  

That knowledge can directly help you when looking for the right sized racket for your two year old.  I'm here to help.

Tennis Rackets For 2 Year Olds - How To Choose

tennis rackets for 2 year olds

Like I said, I've got two boys that have played tennis and started tennis lessons very early on.  So, I’ve got some experience when it comes to sizing tennis rackets for 2 year olds and beyond.  I’ll keep it simple; based on my experience the best tennis racket for a 2 year old is a 17” toddler racket.  

Let me explain.

For those new to tennis rackets for little ones, there are two types of tennis rackets for small children: toddler rackets and junior rackets.

Toddler rackets are 17” in length and are loosely designed for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old.  This is not a hard and fast rule but more of a general guideline.

Kids over 5 and under 11 years will need a junior racket with sizes starting from 19”(that’s the overall length of the racket frame). The difference of 2 inches may seem small at first, but closer inspection reveals that for a two year old - a 17” racket is most likely the better choice and proper size.

Children under 5 years old are typically 35” or shorter (roughly speaking).  A 19-21” tennis racket would be too long because it would take up more than half of your child’s overall body length.  This would make it very difficult for your two year old to swing properly and make decent contact with the ball.

The right racket length is SO crucial, especially for little ones.  I learned this directly from my kids’ tennis instructor. 

As a general rule, if your toddler is dragging the racket on the ground, it’s too big for them.  A pint-sized 17” toddler racket works best for their height and grip size. Of course, you could go with toddler rackets at 15” or less, but good luck finding these, since many manufacturers do not make them anymore.  

Why do they most racket companies not make a 15” racket anymore?  Well, I suspect because they were in fact too small.  Most kids, especially a two year old, would out grow a 15” tennis racket in no time.  Making the purchase, largely a waste of money.

When your child is over 40” tall, you can upgrade to a junior-sized racket at 19” and more. As a general rule, for every 4 inches they grow, the length of the tennis racket should increase by 2 inches. 

All in all, in my experience, the best tennis racket for a two year old is a 17” toddler sized racket.

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tennis rackets for 2 year olds

The Best Tennis Racket For A 2-Year-Old - The Babolat Ball Fighter

Babolat specially designed this racket for toddlers so they can get a feel for the game and learn basic swing mechanics. 

To make each shot more stable, Babolat went with the standard 16 by 19 string pattern to grip the ball harder while generating more spin behind each shot. This is an easy, fun-filled way for a child to learn the fundamentals of swinging properly.  And trust me when I say this is soo crucial for then to learn the game the right way!

The racket makes use of a grip size between 3 to 4 inches, which is ideal for little ones around two years of age who are still learning the sport. Its tiny grip allows for a two year old to swing the Babolat with greater accuracy and put more force behind each swing. 

The Babolat Ball Fighter features a vibrant color scheme with yellow as its base color. From a design perspective, the color yellow has become a trademark of sorts for adult Babolat rackets and I think it’s cute Babolat decided to incorporate that same feel into this racket for two year olds.

You can buy the Babolat Ball Fighter by itself or with some extra accessories as well.  It comes in three versions, let's break each down:

The Three Versions Of The Ball Fighter

#1 - The Racket Itself


The first option gives you just the tennis racket by itself.  It simple, and very inexpensive.  

#2 - Racket & Starter Balls


The second option gives you the racket and a pack of starter foam balls - perfect for a two year old!  The ball speed with the foam balls is reduced by 75% versus a real tennis ball.  Perfect for banging off the garage door.  This is a great value!

#3 - Racket, Ball and Bag


The third option comes with a set of starter balls and a mini bag for your toddler to carry everything in.  If you’re going to be starting lessons at a young age, I recommend this option.  A dedicated tennis bag, even at a young age is a great investment.  I learned this the hard way and carried all their tennis equipment by hand for far too long.

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  • The racket is super lightweight at only 5.2 ounces, making it easy for two year olds to play with
  • Only 17 inches in length, the shortest and most ideal length for any child under 4 years of age
  • The only ergonomic grip designed for a small child 
  • Durable aluminum frame that will last a long time - your two-year-old will outgrow this racket before it loses its pop
  • Appealing color scheme that kids of all ages will gravitate towards


  • Babolat could have used graphite or a carbon fiber frame to further reduce the weight of the racket - making it a smidgen easier for smaller hands to hold - but I’m nitpicking at this point

Product Rating:

Runner-Up - The Street Club Tennis Racket for Kids 

The Street Club’s Tennis Racket For Kids is a good, slightly less expensive alternative to the Babolat Ball Fighter. Street Club isn’t a big name in the tennis industry like Babolat but they have carved out a tiny, valuable role in the large sports niche.

Street Club is focused on making fun, inexpensive starter racket for toddlers of all ages.  They’re not a racket company like Babolat or Wilson.  They’re just a family owned company dedicated towards giving kids a fun first experience at tennis.

And you’ll see that from the minute you place your eyes on this cute little racket.  It’s got a prominent smiley face etched into the racket strings that would make any child want to pick it up and try it!

It’s got a lightweight but durable aluminum frame, much like the Babolat, that is built to last. Your toddler will have a breeze with this little tennis racket as they gradually learn different techniques and strokes.

At a length of only 17”, the racket seamlessly connects with the ball without the toddler having to strain themselves.  In fact, this racquet is so easy to swing with, it’s been used by kids just 16 months old! 

The Street Club’s tennis racket was built with a large head size which means your toddler will have fewer miss-hits. The large surface area leverage on serves and allows for more groundstrokes.  This is the main reason why it’a great tennis racket for two year olds (or potentially younger).

Another great feature that I love about this racket is the use of its power pads to prevent premature breakage and sheering. This means that the strings aren’t stressed to the point of breaking every time they come in contact with the ball. The power pads also offer excellent ball rebound and shock absorption. 

Market research shows that most young tennis players prefer bright colors, which is why The Street Club’s tennis rackets come in a variety of fun colors that will appeal to your two-year-old. 

For such a feature-rich tennis racket, the Street Club has been able to keep prices super affordable.  As a parent who knows they’re going to out grow this racket, I like that!

Note To Parents: Because this racket comes in different sizes, if you’re truly shopping for a two year old, make sure you buy the 17” version.


  • Has a noticeably big (but lightweight) racket head for fewer miss-hits
  • Aluminum frame for durability
  • Comfortable handle with a grip a circumference of 4 inches
  • Contains durable strung polyester strings
  • Pre-strung and ready to use right out of the package
  • Includes shock pads to reduce arm vibration
  • Wide variety of vibrant color patterns to suit a two-year-old kid’s liking


  • It is possible for string movement to occur, requiring adjustments to the string bed
  • Comes in a few different sizes - so make sure you’re looking at the 17” version

Product Rating:

My Value Pick - Weierfu Tennis Racket for Kids 17”

Weierfu is a brand that most parents may not have heard of, but surprisingly the company has been around since 1990 and also makes quality tennis rackets for two-year-olds.

Like Street Club, Weiefu is not a big brand name in adult tennis but instead focuses on inexpensive starter rackets for little ones…real little ones, like your two year old.

The Weiefu features a 14 by 16 resistant string pattern that increases the chance of making contact with the tennis ball.  This means more power and tactile feedback with every shot, along with increased comfort as each impact feels softer.  

The Weierfu Tennis Racket For Kids, comes in different color finishes that suit both boys and girls so regardless of your child’s gender, they can play with a racket that suites their kiddie style.

The racket is very easy to hold and grip thanks to its weight of only 5.28 ounces. This is mainly due to its top-quality aluminum frame. The small footprint makes it easy for toddlers to hold and put more weight behind each swing.  This is crucial if they’re starting lessons and learning the game for the first time.  

Having a racket that allows your child to position their feet, align their hips and swing; without feeling too heavy - is critical as they start out.  A heavier racket won’t allow them to do this and the Weiefu is designed to allow your little one to build upon these technique fundamentals.

In addition, to add more stability and rigidity to the tennis racket, Weierfu uses its proprietary “Rectangular Section” technology which offers unmatched stability. 

The racket’s head reads Tornado 17, which indicates the size of the length to parents.  When ordering online, make sure the “Color” selected as the number “17” somewhere in it - that indicates it’s the 17” size.  If you see “19”, then you’ve selected the 19” version.  

Weierfu did some creative packaging for their toddler tennis racket using a cover bag with a fun design over it. It makes for a cool gift that inspires kids into becoming energetic every day. 

And best of all, the offer a full money back 90-day guarantee!


  • Perfect 5.28 ounce weight for fun and easy play
  • Comes in colorful design patterns for both boys and girls
  • 14 by 16 durable string pattern that adds power and bigger trampoline effect
  • Aluminum frame gives you rigidity and stability
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • The weight could be further reduced using graphite composite or carbon fiber material
  • Comes in a few different racket sizes so make sure you get the 17” version!

Product Rating:

Tennis Rackets For 2 Year Olds - Final Thoughts

All in all, finding the right size racket for your two year old is the most important part.  In my experience, a 17” racket the right choice and even gives your child something to grow into.

All three options I’ve outlined are great choices and can even be used by kids younger than two years of age!  All three rackets are relatively inexpensive and don’t require a big long term investment if your child is just learning tennis.

If I was buying a tennis racket today for a two year old, I’d get any one of these three rackets I’ve outlined.  The Ball Fighter 17” has a little bit more of a stylistic advantage and looks more like an adult racket because it’s manufactured by a big time racket company. 

But, they’re all three made from simple, durable aluminum.  They’re all the proper 17” size frame and give your little one the best chance at learning the game and having fun!

I hope you found this post helpful.

Leave a comment below if you have a question or share with our racket community which racket your child is currently playing with!  We’d love to hear from you!

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