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At TheVolleyLlama, if it’s played with a paddle or racquet, a ball, and a net – then we play it and we’re obsessed with it! We’re here to give you everything you need to learn your favorite paddle or racquet sport along with tips to improving your game. Also, our product reviews are designed to be authentic because if we recommend a product, it’s because we’ve played with it and loved it!

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Welcome to My name is Keith, I’m just a lover of all sports that involve a racquet, net and a ball. I played competitive high school varsity tennis, love racquetball and my whole family plays pickleball regularly. I started this website to help give people like you the basics to learn these wonderful games.

I also love providing players like you with simple, actionable tips to help improve your game on the court.

I also take pride in the fact that the products I recommend here have been researched, analyzed, bought, played with, worn, and used. So you can be sure that if I recommend a product, it’s because we’ve used it!

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