8 Creative Things To Do With Broken Badminton Rackets

The leading causes of badminton rackets breaking are the high tension placed on the strings, improper handling, and rackets clashing. It’s inevitable for a badminton racket to break; play long enough, and it will. They are very light and fragile, which means they tend to break very easily, but this does not always mean that it is the end of the racket.

One of the best things to do with a broken badminton racket is to simply trash it. However, you can also repair them, salvage them for parts, or recycle (or upcycle) them. You can also use them to vent your frustration or put them on display if they broke during a particularly good game.

This article will discuss the eight best things to do with broken badminton rackets, including the options suggested above. To find out what you can do with your broken badminton racket, continue reading.

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1. Throw Them Away

This option is practically a no-brainer. I almost didn’t include it in my rundown here but, broken badminton rackets are pretty much useless when it comes to regular badminton play. Depending on where and how your racket has broken, they will never be able to withstand the amount of tension required and may worsen in the weakened area.

Here’s how you should properly dispose of your broken badminton racket.

You should responsibly discard the broken racket by wrapping it in bubble wrap and dropping it off at a dump or recycling center, depending on the material.

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2. Repair Them

Repairing broken rackets is also an option. Depending on where the break occurs, some individuals can accomplish this and have the racket available for play. However, it would be better to use it as a training racket rather than a game racket.

You can cover rackets that broke at the frame with towel grips. You should cover the entire shaft of the racket tightly; then, you can use it for shadow practice.

3. Salvage Them for Parts

A broken racket can still be useful. Or at least, its parts can. Strip the racket of the handle, screws, grommets, and grips. You can reuse these items on another racket in the future.

There are also cases where you can reuse the strings if they aren’t damaged.


4. Upcycle Them

Many individuals use broken badminton rackets to create unique craft projects. These include converting the racket into the following:


If the racket’s frame is damaged but not the shaft, you may be able to make a pen out of your old racket. As long as the shaft is still intact, you can transform it into a pen. Simply detach or cut away the racket’s shaft from the frame and the handle. Then, add the pen’s inner workings, and you’re all set.


You will use the entire racket in this process. Start by removing the strings so that the glass for the mirror has room to be installed. Then, you’ll need an oval mirror the same size and shape as the racket’s head. You can check out Homecrux’s article for a good tutorial on inserting the mirror safely into the head.


Turning your racket into a chalkboard is similar to turning it into a mirror.

However, you’ll leave the strings in place as you’ll fasten the blackboard used to make the chalkboard to them. You’ll also need to cut the blackboard into the shape of the racket’s frame to ensure that it fits.


In this option, the frame or head of the badminton racket is used. You’ll remove the shaft and handle and wrap the head with any material that does not allow air to pass through it. The head is light enough that individuals can then utilize it as a fan to cool down after a game.


This is another option where the frame is the reusable part of the racket. Detach it by cutting it from the shaft, leaving the strings in place.

Then, spray-paint it orange and decorate it to resemble a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern. You can use it as a mantle or hanging piece for the fall.

Jewelry Holder

For this option, you can use the entire racket or simply the head of the racket. It’s entirely up to you and depends only on your tastes.

Decorate the racket to suit your aesthetics. Then, hang it on the wall or display it on your dresser or armoire. You can use the racket’s strings to hold earrings, bangles, chains, and much more.

Wall Art

With this option, individuals typically utilize the entire racket. The broken badminton racket is decorated using a variety of materials, all determined by the discretion of the individual making the craft or the one who will receive it. Options for decorating include:

  • Crochet
  • Drawings
  • Paintings
  • Sea shells
  • Beads

Individuals have also made clocks or used broken rackets to spell out words such as LOVE, HOME, and PLAY.

Butterfly Catchers

Turn your broken racket into a handheld net to catch butterflies or any other small flying insect.

Start by removing the racket’s strings and replacing them with smaller netting. Broken badminton rackets are ideal as they are very light and easy to swing at the fast-moving butterflies.


5. Display Medals

This idea is great if you have lots of ribbons or medals. You will transform the entire broken badminton racket into a holder for displaying your achievements.

Place all your medals onto the racket’s shaft, spacing them out so that each one is visible. Install the racket horizontally along a wall so that the medals hang down loosely.

Did You Know: Of all your badminton gear, your shoes will most likely need to be replaced more frequently than other pieces of equipment. Especially if you’re using your court shoes to go to the gym or even running in them – which I don’t recommend!

6. Put Them on Display

Placing your broken badminton rackets on display can range from showcasing them as trophies to hanging them on the wall to signify the number of rackets you have been through. If you broke one in a particularly intense game, that’s another excellent reason to hang it on the wall.

Some rackets may also be collector items, highlighting the variety of brands of rackets.

7. Use Them To Vent

Plenty of people still think aggressive venting of frustration is bad. However, others have come to see its value, with Break Rooms popping up throughout the United States.

With that in mind, keeping the broken badminton rackets in your bag and only taking them out to display frustration can also be an option.

When you’re upset, use the broken badminton rackets to hit the floor or wall rather than using the racket you’re playing with. That way, you can vent and still have a good racket to continue playing.

Badminton rackets are expensive; no need to destroy a perfectly functional one if you don’t have to.

8. Pass Them Down

After breaking a racket, professional or serious players can pass it down to beginners. This will all depend on the type of break, but new players or beginners can use these damaged rackets to better their game.

They can use the broken rackets to practice the basics of the game, like learning to pick the shuttlecock or birdie off the floor. They can also improve their hands’ positioning for various strokes.

What To Do With Broken Badminton Rackets – My Final Thoughts

Whether you decide to repurpose your rackets as functional items or turn them into eye-catching art pieces, these ideas for your broken badminton rackets offer a chance to breathe new life into your badminton gear.

So, unleash your imagination, roll up your sleeves, and turn trash into badminton treasure! The possibilities are endless, and you might just discover a newfound passion for crafting and upcycling along the way.

Show your love for the game of badminton in fun and creative new ways! Happy crafting!



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