A Simple Pickleball Calories Burned Calculator

Many fans of pickleball want to know if pickleball is a good way to get in shape, stay active, and even lose weight. So, how many calories do you burn playing pickleabll? Wouldn’t it help to have a pickleball calories burned calculator?

Well, I did some research and found out that the most accurate calculator for burning calories while playing pickleball should include three factors:

1. Your weight
2. How long your session of play is
3. And how intense your session of play is

So, to get the most accurate answer to the question “How many calories do you burn playing pickleball?” – I created a simple but effective pickleball calories burned calculator that will precisely tell you how many calories you can expect to burn while playing pickleball – factoring in your weight, length of play and intensity.

So, if you’re a fan of pickleball and play it to stay active in retirement or simply want to get in shape, then this pickleball calories burned calculator is for you! Here’s how to do it:

Input your weight, then how long you plan on playing for, and estimate the intensity level. Then click “calculate” and watch the calorie-burning data come pouring in!

Pickleball Calorie Calculator

Pickleball Calorie Calculator

Enter your weight (in pounds), the duration of your game (in minutes), and select the intensity level to calculate calories burned:

Pickleball Calories Burned Calculator – How It Works

Let’s briefly break down each factor that goes into calculating the number of calories burned when playing pickleball. Below are some easy examples of how many calories you can expect to burn while playing pickleball to illustrate how the model works.

First, let’s start with the factor of weight and how it impacts the calories burned number.

Pickleball Calorie Calculator – Weight

The first factor that goes into calculating the number of calories burned is your weight. Larger, heavier people are going to burn more calories in the same amount of time at the same intensity level. So, a 180lb person who plays moderately for 30 minutes can expect to burn 306.12 calories.

But a 130lb person would only burn 221.09 calories.

So, the weight of the person quickly changes the equation, as you’d expect.

Pickleball Calorie Calculator – Length of Play

If you are 180lbs, expect to play 60 minutes or one hour, and play casually with other new players, then you can expect to burn 408.16 calories.

Keep in mind the number of calories burned goes down when the playing time goes down. So, if we keep the same weight and style of play at 180lbs and casual, but the session is only 30 minutes, the calories burned is cut in half and drops to 204.08.

So, if you keep everything the same but cut the playtime in half, the caloric burn is also cut in half. Like you’d expect. Simple.

Pickleball Calorie Calculator – Intensity Level

The number of calories burned will also change based on the level of intensity. I designed the calculator to account for three styles of play: casual, moderate, and competitive.

Think of “Casual” as more of a low-impact, social game. “Competitive” is the opposite of casual and is the most intense. Think pickleball tournament level of intensity where every game matters and everyone is playing to win. That puts the “Moderate” setting right in the middle – not casual but not super intense.

Here’s an example of how it would work. A casual game of pickleball (like in the driveway) for 60 minutes will not burn as many calories as a moderately intense or competitive game.

In fact, a 60-minute game of competitive pickleball will burn twice as many calories as a 60-minute casual game. So go from a casual game of pickleball to a competitive one, and you can expect to burn twice as many calories.

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How Many Calories Does 30 Minutes of Pickleball Burn?

The calories burned for a 150lb individual for 30 minutes of pickleball at a casual intensity is 170. A moderate intensity ups the calories burned to 255 and competitive play brings it to 340!

How Many Calories Does 1 Hour of Pickleball Burn?

For a casual game of pickleball for 1 hour, a 180lb individual can expect to burn 408 calories. But up the level of play to a moderate level and you can expect to burn 612 calories. Competitive play brings the total to 812!

As you can see the level of competitiveness really impacts the number of calories burned.

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Pickleball Caloric Calculator – My Final Thoughts

If you’re trying to burn calories while playing pickleball and maybe even track weight loss, I hope this article and the calorie calculator was helpful for you.

Remember, once you’ve input your weight, the two factors that will impact the total calories burned the most are how long you play for and how high of a level the competition is. In short, the longer you play and the more intense the play is – the more calories you will burn.

Combine those two factors and you’ll really start to see the benefits. So, if you can challenge yourself and go from 30 min to an hour and play with more competitive players, you’ll see the number of calories burned more than double! Now go get’em!



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