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Stiga Titan Review – My Full Paddle Analysis

You don’t have to be a table tennis pro to have fun playing the game. But if you’re a beginner player looking to improve your game, the right equipment can make a big difference. The Stiga Titan ping pong paddle is a fast, lightweight racket which is designed to help novice players improve their skills and take their game to the next level.

But is the Stiga Titan the best paddle for you? Let’s take a deeper look at the pros and cons of this table tennis racket.

Our complete Stiga Titan Review starts right now. 

Stiga Titan Review

The Stiga Titan has the look of a much more expensive paddle

Spin: 77
Speed: 80 
Control: 82
Our Score: 7 out of 10

A Quick Rundown Of The Stiga Titan

Want just the main points?  The Stiga Titan is a durable, lightweight racket that you can get comfortable with right out of the box.  New players can practice the fundamentals with this paddle, and even kids should be able to control it comfortably.  

It’s a "pick up and play" type of paddle for most ages and all beginner skill levels.

Stiga is a trusted manufacturer of table tennis gear, specifically well made paddles, and the Titan is made using their unique Crystal Technology (keep reading to learn how this technology helps improve your game).  

Plus, Stiga is known to make really good, quality ping pong paddles at a very reasonable price that almost anyone can afford.  The Stiga Pro Titan is the company's flagship entry level affordable paddle.  


  • Suitable for all skill levels but best for amatuers
  • Durable construction built to handle heavy use
  • Lightweight .35-pound paddle that is kid-friendly
  • Dependable Stiga brand name
  • Decent spin for budget paddle


  • Relatively low speed ratings
  • Not designed for power
  • Sponge quality is on the low side

The Titan is a quality option from Stiga at a very affordable price but we believe there are a few other options that are also worth mentioning.  

In fact, in our Best Ping Pong Paddles for 2018 Buyer's Guide, we recommend the Xiom MUV 5.5s as the best ping pong paddle for beginners.  And it's at a very similar price point to the Titan.  The Xiom MUV 5.5s offers better spin than most lower tier options.

Another option is actually another blade from Stiga, the Stiga Evolution.  The Evolution is in our opinion, the best paddle under $50.  So again, there are similarly priced paddles that offer a bit more based on you skill level.  

In the Titan's defense, if you're a noice player that is not looking for less speed and spin is easier to get a hold of, the Titan should definitely be considered.    

Why New Players Love It

The Titan tailor made and designed for an amateur player, and the response it gets from someone who's only played with cheap paddles is overwhelmingly positive.  

In fact, most new players who've only played with lesser known, knock off paddle brands will almost instantly feel better control from the Titan.  In short, if you're a novice player, you'll see an improvement defensively very quickly.  

I love that about this paddle!

We also love that it's not a "fast" paddle.  By that, it doesn't generate gobs of speed when attacking offensively.  We'll get more into that in the technical details below but just know that if you're still learning ping pong, the last thing you want is a crazy fast paddle.  

Instead, you'll want a precise paddle, with less speed, more accuracy one that is easy to pick up and play.  New players love that about the titan because it offers all those features at an extremely affordable price.

How Important Is The Stiga Name?

Stiga is a huge name in the world of table tennis. They manufacture a wide variety of products including paddles, tables, balls and other gear. They’re a Swedish company which has been making table tennis products since 1944.  

So they’ve got a history you can trust behind them. Personally, I’ve always had a great experience using their products so their brand name is pretty reassuring.

The Titan is Stiga’s fourth fastest racket. Their fastest is the Pro Carbon paddle followed by the Evolution and the Supreme. So, the Titan isn’t the racket to choose if you’re primarily interested in speed.

Of course, the Titan isn’t supposed to be the fastest racket around. Instead, the relatively slow speed allows for precise control. Control at the ping pong table is the name of the Titan’s game.

Looking for something more than entry level?  Read Our Stiga Pro Carbon Review.

Stiga Titan Review - Technical Details

New table tennis players often choose a paddle which is too fast and too tacky. This can make it difficult to reel the paddle in and get control of it.  Instead, the quickest way to improve is to focus on stroke form.  

Although the Titan isn’t the fastest, it is lightweight and easy to grip, and that can help you learn proper technique and shot control quickly.  This is the paddle's strength.  

Despite being a budget racket, the Stiga Titan incorporates many of Stiga's unique paddle design elements.  Let’s take a closer look at the technical details.

Blade Quality And Stiga Paddle Technology

The five-ply lightweight blade has a two millimeter inverted rubber sponge.  Stiga uses their unique Crystal Technology to harden the blade’s surface. The harder the surface, the more speed you get from the ball coming off your paddle. 

The Crystal Technology is designed to maximize the rebound effect and allow the ball to leap off of your Titan paddle and pop it right back at your opponent.

Again, other paddles in the Stiga lineup do this better, but they’re designed that way and cost more money. The Titan has a light blade aimed to improve control and accuracy at an entry level price, but it's good to see Stiga put premium tech into one of their inexpensive paddles.

In addition, the lightweight blade improves the rate of recovery after each stroke as well. This allows you to return the ball quickly and get back into position.  

Plus, the blade is balanced towards the point of contact for the ball, making volley play at the net more accurate.  Beginners will appreciate the feel this gives the paddle.

Stiga Titan SideView Review

The sponge is on the light side, which does limit the power you can generate when extending during a full forehand return shot. However, this lighter feel allows for increased spin with wrist flicks and reduces fatigue when playing aggressive for long periods of time.

Perfect for learning ball control but not so great if big smashes are a major part of your game.

The handle is made of a concave Italian composite and uses Stiga’s proprietary WRB System for proper paddle balance and control.  A recess in the handle helps provide increased control of the ball.  

Plus, the ergonomic design helps reduce hand cramping even after long, extended play sessions.

Want to compare the Titan versus a more intermediate level racket?  Read our Killerspin Jet800 Review.

The Grip   

The focus of this racket is on control and technique, and the grip reflects that focus.  The Stiga Titan table tennis racket has a solid grip which helps you counter your opponent’s incoming spins.

The ability to read and then react to incoming spins is an important skill which this racket’s design helps you develop.

IITF Certification = It's Legit

All of the above components meet the specifications of the International Table Tennis Federation. The ITTF considers a variety of factors including material quality, blade rigidity, pad thickness and more.  

This approval means the Stiga Titan can be used in professional competitions and tournament play.

Of course, professional certification doesn’t matter much if you’re playing informal games at home,  at recreational center or college dorm room. But the ITTF approval is a sign tat the paddle is well-made.  

Performance Ratings - How does it Stack Up?

Table tennis paddles are rated in three categories: speed, spin and control. Each rating is out of 100.

The Titan doesn’t have particularly high ratings, but that’s okay considering the focus here is on skill improvement for new players looking to improve the fundamentals of table tennis.

Let’s take a deeper look at its three skill ratings.

The Titan has a speed rating of 80. Speed is a measure of how well the paddle absorbs force from the incoming ball and then redirects it away. As the fourth fastest paddle, the Titan isn’t top of the line but can still produce quite a bit of force.  

Again, the Stiga Evolution is going to be a small step up in this department.

The Titan’s spin rating is a relatively low 77. The paddle’s ability to put spin on the ball is determined by the rubber pad. At two millimeters, the rubber sponge material on the paddle is relatively thin.

While this helps increase control, it’s also why the paddle has such a low rating here.  For more spin as you advance in your skill level, see the Stiga Evolution or the XIOM MUV 5.5s

Control is really the focus for this bat. The Stiga Titan Table Tennis racket has a control rating of 82. This is high for paddle at this price point. This is a lightweight paddle even kids can easily control.

Stiga Tital Review - Final Thoughts

Hopefully you found our Stiga Titan review to be helpful and informative. Generally, we recommend this paddle for anyone brand spanking new to ping pong but need an entry level price point. 

It’s also a great choice for young players and casuals fans.

The Stiga Titan isn’t the fastest or most powerful paddle available.  But it’s not supposed to be.  Instead, it offers a lightweight, yet durable design which helps you control your shots and learn the proper form.  

This is a great racket for the novice player that is still improving  

What racket are you currently playing with?  Is there a paddle you'd like us to review?  Please let us know your comments below, we'd love to hear from you!

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