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ProLite Sports – Blaster 2 Alloy Paddle Review

About Prolite Sports

The Blaster series has been a flagship product line for ProLite Sports since 2010. The "Blaster" term indicates the type of paddle face (meaning big sweet spot) and their latest installment, the Blaster 2 Alloy, is a very popular paddle because of it's blend of control and feel.  In this post, we're going to take a closer look at what makes the Blaster 2 Alloy so unique. Is it one of the better starter paddles for new players?  Let's find out!

ProLite Sports has been a leader in pickleball equipment, specifically paddles, for over 30 years. They are one of the leaders in the pickleball industry. In fact, many people may not know but, ProLite is credited as the company to manufacturer the first composite pickleball paddle. Back then, they were known as The Ultra Lite Paddle Company.

Update:  The Blaster is an aluminum core paddle, and these types of paddles are not being made anymore.  I interviewed the owner of Pro-Lite and he told me why...click here!

Endorsed by Corrine Carr

"I play with the Blaster 2 because it has great feel for dinking and also a lot of power for ripping the ball at my opponents. This combination of power and control was difficult to find, but I was fortunate to find it with the B2. I love this paddle for both singles and doubles!!"

Corrine Carr
USAPA Women's Doubles Silver Medalist

Product Specifications

Make: ProLite Sports

Model: Blaster 2

Paddle Weight: 7.3-7.8 oz (Medium)

Paddle Surface

Prolite Sports has a built their trademark "Blaster" paddle shape into a brand of it's own.  The Blaster 2 has that oversized look and feel, allowing for greater control and an extra large sweet spot.  This design is aided by the Blaster 2's graphite carbon fiber paddle face.  This gives the paddle its power for high impact shots.  Fans of the power found in composite paddles will be pleasantly surprised by the Blaster 2.  

Paddle Core

The Blaster 2 Alloy, as the name implies, has an aluminum honeycomb core.  The aluminum core gives the paddle exceptional touch, with a soft feel when delivering finesse shots like the dink or the lob.  Aluminum paddle cores offer a great combination of control and power, this is ideal for a newer player.

Paddle Face Design

The paddle face on the B2 is larger than the average paddle. The length and width are 15 3/4" and 7 7/8" respectively. Other "do it all" type paddles have adopted the over-sized paddle face design, like the SGF Cosmic, but few paddles have the accolades and endorsements that the B2 has. In addition, this paddle has an edge guard, perfect for outdoor play where bumps and bruises tend to happen to equipment more.

Grip Design

ProLite Sports has a very clever "No Slip Grip" design that they incorporate into all of their paddles.  This means that at the end of the five inch grip is a tapered end cap, making it harder for the paddle to slip out of your hands.  The grip circumference is 4 1/8 inches, while the length is 5 inches.  This is slightly shorter than other paddles but as with all grips, seeing how it fits in YOUR hands is the best approach.



How did the B2 perform in the Accuracy/Control department?  Well, we put it through the ringer and have played extensively with it.  The finesse side of this paddle is where it excels the most.  

Even though the B2 is a well rounded paddle, we found that it's bread and butter was most easily seen at the net during volley play.  This paddle delivered on dink shots like few paddles in this price range can!  It especially impressed us when adding spin to our dinks.  

For more paddle options that offer the best spin, click here.  The fiberglass face allows for exceptional control at the net.  In fact, it was easy to put spin on most of our shots.  If you have a tennis background, you'll feel right at home with this paddle!  

When at the net, the paddle's light weight design really came in handy. The control and feel while at the net, especially during frantic volley-to-volley play was outstanding!  The aluminum honeycomb core was on full display during our test run!


The power that a paddle gives you can be a tricky thing to judge for two reasons.  

One - any paddle can provide significant power if you have arm strength and swing hard enough.  

Two - having a paddle that provides too much power can be distracting because you spend more time trying to wrestle with how hard to swing the paddle and less time focusing on winning the point.

A good paddle should take less time to break in and get a feel for.  This is definitely the case with the Blaster 2.  The aluminum core gives this paddle ample pop to deliver deep baseline shots.  It's got great power without feeling like you're wielding a sledge hammer to do it.  It's not a beast like some heavier paddles but it's not a total wimp either.  

There is very little need for "over-swing" because when you need to put the smack down on your opponent, this paddle responds without the need for brute force.


  • Fiberglass paddle with aluminum core for great feel and touch
  • Extremely light weight = great control at the net
  • Very consistent on top-spin shots and back-spin shots
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors: Green, Blue, Red, Orange, Purple, White, Pink and Yellow
  • Great paddle for tennis fans moving to pickleball


  • For a great beginner paddle, the price could be a little steep depending on your budget
  • It's light weight can lead to minor power issues  - particularly deep lobs and deep baseline serves
  • Handle could be a little short and thin for taller players with larger hands

Blaster 2 Final Thoughts

Overall, Prolite Sports has delivered an exceptional paddle in the Blaster 2.  We really liked how it played at the net.  The buzz about this paddle being great for tennis converts is spot on, we agree!  It has some minor drawbacks but no paddle is perfect.  For someone transitioning to the sport for the first time and looking for a great beginner paddle, we highly recommend it!

For a more complete breakdown of our favorite paddles for beginners, click here.

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