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PickleNet – Pickleball Net Review

If you are a fan of pickleball, investing in a portable pickleball net is a must if you want to convert gyms, parking lots, or even patios into a pickleball court in a matter of minutes.

There are many brands out there that sell nets but PickleNet is a prominent name in the industry. After making this investment, you don't need to worry about missing practice, a friendly game or even a neighborhood weekend tournament.

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Features of the PickleNet

  • Height 34" and width 22' net
  • Includes nylon carrying bag for easy take down and easy storage
  • Easy to assemble Velcro system to lossen or tighten the tautness of the net
  • Portable steel frame net system, powder-coated, durable
  • Includes center strap to maintain consistent net height and additional adjustment straps
  • Fast and easy assembly to turn any flat surface into a pickleball court
Side Pole of Picklenet

Pros of the PickleNet Portable Pickleball Net System

  • Easy Set Up: The easy to use Velcro system makes the product great for everyone, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player. Most players are pleasantly surprised on how easy and intuitive the system is to set up and take down.  You don't need to be an expert to use this, it's perfect for novice players.
  • Taut Net: The PickleNet features an easy to use Velcro system to keep the net taut unlike other net systems that use complicated tightening straps. Having to constantly stop the game and adjust the net can be a pain in the neck with other systems.  This is not an issue here.   Use the system to conveniently tighten or loosen the tautness of the net in just a matter of seconds.
  • Stability: The center rod is placed in the middle to keep the net from swaying on windy days. Additionally, the rod helps the net retain its perfect height without sagging.  The sturdiness incorporated here is much appreciated.
  • Light-weight Design: The light-weight design is easy to carry and set up at practically any spot. The complete net system weighs 23 pounds in all and can be easily transported from one place to another.
  • Portability: The stylish nylon carrying bag makes it easy for pickleball enthusiasts to hold all the unassembled pieces of the net system, making it easy to transport.
  • Perfect Gift: The net system makes a perfect gift for pickleball enthusiasts who would enjoy playing the game outdoors or on any flat surface.
Net for Pickleball

Cons of the PickleNet Portable Pickleball Net System

  • Bent Poles: There is a risk to receive the product with damaged parts.  For instance, some people have received a product that had badly bent poles making it impossible to assemble. However, once the poles were fixed, the issue was resolved and assembly was smooth.  Make sure all parts are included and not damaged to the point where set up and installation are compromised.
  • Plastic Net: The PickleNet features a plastic net that might not last long. However, the product is not likely to suffer wear and tear if it is used carefully and is used indoors. It is recommended you do not leave the net system out in the sun for extended periods.


The PickleNet features an easy to set up design. The sturdy net comes with a handy nylon storage bag for extra convenience. Some buyers have complained about bent poles but the problem can fixed with some minor repairs. For its low price, the PickleNet Portable pickleball Net makes a great gift for pickleball enthusiasts. There are pickleball net systems that cost almost twice as much and are frankly, just not worth the extra price tag.  You can complete the gift by throwing in a ball and a paddle as well. Best of all, it will cost you less than $200!  That is a great bargain!

USAPA Alternative

The USAPA also offers a portable pickleball net system that is designed for indoor or outdoor use.  It also comes with a nylon storage bag like the PickleNet model above and is easy to set up and take down.  It should be noted, that while the USAPA model here is a great product, the PickleNet system is by far the most popular with online retailers like Amazon.  They are both well priced and are built to last.

Our Budget Pick

For those looking for an extra inexpensive pick we recommend you check out the Optima Portable Pickleball Net.  This budget system is constructed from steel and even comes with two paddles and a ball.  However, the major flaw with this unit is the net size.  The net is not regulation.  Based on your needs this could be a deal breaker.  This system is best used if you do not have a large enough area to play a standard pickleball game in.  If you have to fit something in a smaller area of play and do not care if the set up is USAPA approved, then this could be your value pick.

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