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Pickleball Bag – Wolfe Sports Sling Bag Review

Finding the right pickleball paddle can be a little intimidating with all the brands, types, shapes and sizes to choose from.  Luckily, finding the right pickleball bag to keep your paddle, balls and other equipment in, isn't as hard of a choice. That's what we're going to examine today.  Below is our review for the Wolfe Sports Pickleball Sling Bag.

First, a little background on Wolfe Sports.  Wolfe is a family owned company that specializes in racket sports like squash, tennis and racquetball.  They jumped into the world of pickleball and began making custom wooden pickleball paddles.  

They now offer a full line of products including high quality paddles, balls, and portable nets.  They also manufacture stylish bags, like the Pickleball Sling Bag, to carry your sports gear in. This custom designed pickleball bag is manufactured especially for pickleball players and has all the essential functions one would require for an easy grab-n-go style accessory.  

Of all the bags Wolfe makes, the Sling bag is by far one of the most popular due to it's small design, light weight and ability to hold several paddles without feeling bulky.  In short, this is a great bag for beginners or experts.  We highly recommend it!

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Features of the Pickleball Bag from Wolfe

  • Trendy and high-end professional sling design, perfect for pickleball players
  • Includes padded straps and thick padding to keep the equipment secured and in place
  • Features internal pockets, zipper pockets and a built in external mesh water bottle holder which is a nice addition to the sports bag
  • Includes MP3/iPhone earphone access so you can listen to music on the go to the court
  • A high-end bag designed by Wolfe’s Sports, a reputable name in the professional pickleball industry

Pros of the Pickeball Bag From Wolfe

  • Exceptional Design: Sling bags are a great choice for players who spend a lot of time on the court. The quality bags are a comfortable alternative to larger bags that tend to hang off the shoulder and are difficult to carry around.
  • Excellent Quality at an Affordable Price: The quality sling bag is available at an incredibly reasonable price.  There is a less expensive option at half the price but you loose the thick padding, padded strap, and extra pocket room.
  • Spacious: The sling bag provides enough room to hold your pickleball equipment in addition to personal items, such as sunglasses, wallet, cell phone or a towel. You need not carry an extra purse or shoulder bag as everything fits easily including a medium sized water bottle.  This is the only bag you need!
  • Light-weight: The Sling Bag design allows this pickleball bag to be lightweight and easy to carry around without straining your shoulders, making it easy for players to carry when they are on the go.
  • Zippered Pockets: The zippered pockets are a nice addition that allows you to store small items, such as your wallet, keys and phone.

Cons of the Pickeball Bag From Wolfe

  • Internal Pockets Are Not Zipped: Players should know that the internal vinyl pockets do not zip close. This may cause items to fall and suffer damage if the bag is thrown around when in use. However, this is not likely to happen as long as you are careful with the bag and what you put in it. 
  • Small Sized Water Bottle Holder: The water bottle holder is not large enough to hold larger sized water bottles or some large shaker cups.  This however is a small gripe and does not deter us from recommending this product.


This high quality yet inexpensive sling bag is a must-have for pickleball enthusiasts. The useful accessory provides players ample space to store their equipment and personal items with great ease.

Budget Alternative

To read more about Wolfe's less expensive basic sling bag pictured here, click the Amazon link below.  This budget bag comes in 5 different color schemes and is half the prize of the Professional Sling Bag discussed above.  This less expensive bag lacks the thick padding exterior and the padded strap.

Pickleball Bag by Wolfe Sports

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