pickleball tips for intermediate players

11 Game-Changing Pickleball Tips For Intermediate Players

When I first started playing pickleball, my learning curve was fairly basic.  But as I improved, and played the game more, I started implementing pickleball tips for intermediate players and my skill

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How Many Pickleball Courts Fit On A Tennis Court

How Many Pickleball Courts Fit On A Tennis Court?

Transitioning or converting a tennis court into pickleball courts is easy to do since a tennis court is so much bigger than a pickleball court.  You have a ton of space to work with. In fact, it’s

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Why Is It Called The Kitchen In Pickleball?

If you’ve ever been around pickleball players, you’ve probably heard the term “kitchen” casually mentioned. While quite the odd name to describe one of the most important areas of the pickleball

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pickleball serve

What Is A Let In Pickleball? Learn Why The Rule Changed.

Pickleball is becoming more popular every year, likely because it’s a fun, fast-paced sport that you can play almost anywhere with any skill set!  Like other racquet sports, pickleball has quite

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How To Choose A Pickleball Paddle Without Buying It

I’ve been playing pickleball for a long time but when I first started, I was confused with how to choose a pickleball paddle because of the sheer number of options available.  However, a few years

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babolat pickleball paddles

Babolat Pickleball Paddles – My Hands On Review Of All Paddles

I'll admit, I had been wondering why it took Babolat, a huge racquet sport giant, so long to enter the world of pickleball.  However, Babolat pickleball paddles are finally here and we have four models

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What Is A Fault In Pickleball? A Simple Answer For New Players

I love the game of pickleball but one of the aspects to the game that I needed clarity on when I was first started playing was a clear answer to the question: What is a fault in pickleball?  A fault

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pickleball serve

A Step-By-Step Guide to Painting Pickleball Lines On A Tennis Court

If you’re looking to turn a tennis court into a pickleball court, there are a few things you’ll need in order to do the job of painting pickleball lines on tennis court; correctly.  Making a regulation

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Pickleball Net Height vs. Tennis Net Height – A Helpful Beginners Guide

The net plays a crucial role in both pickleball and tennis, and must meet certain regulation standards according to their respective sports organizations. These standards include both an appropriate height

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what is the kitchen in pickleball?

What Is The Kitchen In Pickleball? A Simple Answer For Beginners

Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in America because it is a fast-paced and unique game that can be played by people of all ages and has simple rules that anyone can follow.  While many

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what is a pickleball made of

What Is a Pickleball Made Of? The Answer May Surprise You…

Pickleball is a unique blend of tennis, badminton, and ping pong that people of all ages and abilities can play, whether in a church parking lot or at a national-level competition.  But you can’t

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How To Use Temporary Pickleball Court Lines To Make A Pickleball Court

A temporary pickleball court is relatively easy to put together, especially if you already have a tennis court or other similar playing surface. All you need is a net and some lines to make your own court.Temporary

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pickleball strategies

An Illustrated Look Into 23 Simple Pickleball Strategies For Any Skill Level

One of the easiest ways to improve your pickleball game, even if you’re a brand new player, is to start implementing simple yet advanced pickleball strategies.  Leveling up your game as a beginner,

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Can you hit overhand in pickleball?

Can You Hit Overhand in Pickleball? A Simple Answer For Beginners

There’s no doubt hitting overhand in pickleball provides more power than an underhand hit. You can use momentum, gravity, and more muscle power to put the point away. However, if you read the rules of

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What is a volley in pickleball

What Is A Volley In Pickleball – A Helpful Guide For New Players

Volleying is a popular move in many paddle or racquet sports, including pickleball. If you’ve watched experienced players, there’s a chance you’ve heard them referring to volleys, and you’ve probably

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where to stand in pickleball

Where To Stand In Pickleball – A Helpful Guide For New Players

Even though I’ve played pickleball now for over 5 years, I’m still learning the nuances of the game, even simple things like where to stand in pickleball can make a huge difference.   Here’s

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what is the double bounce rule in pickleball

What Is The Double Bounce Rule In Pickleball? A Helpful Beginners Guide

When I first started playing, learning the double bounce rule in pickleball took some getting used to.  But if you're wondering what the double bounce rule is all about and want to know what the true

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what are the 5 rules of pickleball

What Are the 5 Rules of Pickleball?

Pickleball is a fun game with a quirky name,  that’s rising in popularity.  In fact, it has been for quite some time.  Even a pandemic hasn't slowed it down.  It’s very similar

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graphite vs composite pickleball paddles

Graphite vs Composite Pickleball Paddles – A Helpful Guide For Beginners

Graphite vs composite pickleball paddles.  The debate as to which type of paddle is the best has gone on for years now.  And it's only getting stronger as more pickleball paddles come out using

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best tennis racquet for advanced juniors

What Is The Best Tennis Racquet for Advanced Juniors?

Finding the best tennis racquet for advanced juniors can be a little tricky.  If you've got the next Serena Williams or Nadal on your hands, you may need a more advanced racquet for your buddying

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