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Make a Statement with the Best Pickleball T-Shirts

Pickleball is a great game for anyone, but it’s becoming more and more popular year after year with retiree players who love to get out on those pickleball courts, and stay active!. Whether it is a pickleball tournament or just for fun with 2 people or mixed doubles matches, this low impact game keeps us physically fit and provides a great opportunity to stay in touch with friends and family. Today we cover the best way to profess your love for the game with - The Best Pickleball T-Shirts.

Maybe your grandmother has been playing for years or your grandfather has just picked it up; no matter how long they’ve been playing, a funny pickleball T-shirt design is the perfect way to bring a smile to their faces.

Nothing Is Better than An Awesome Custom T-Shirt

There are so many great pickleball custom T-shirts designs available that we felt we had to do a rundown of our very favorite ones. You’ll find a variety of different shirts here in a wide range of sizes and colors. There’s sure to be one that is perfect for the pickleball player in your life who virtually lives on the pickleball court.

Best Pickleball T-Shirts Reviews

1.Eat, Sleep, Pickleball

Best Pickleball T-Shirts
This bright red T-shirt is perfect for the pickleball addict. Proudly declare your obsession with this 100% cotton “Eat, Sleep, Pickleball” tee. Designed and printed in Ann Arbor, Michigan, this vibrant shirt is tagless, breathable, and exceptionally comfortable.

The material is thin and a little bit stretchy, so it’s ideal for wearing during a pickleball game, whether as a player or a bystander. This shirt will get you noticed and tell the world how much you love pickleball.

2.Who’s Serve? What’s the Score? What Day Is It?

Royal blue
This shirt comes in five different bright colors: Royal blue (pictured), black, grass, navy, and red. It’s also available for women (pictured) and men.

Pickleball is really popular with people who might have a hard time remembering things like where they put their reading glasses, what they ate for breakfast, or what day it is. This shirt is the perfect way to have a little bit of fun with your pickleball friends.

3.Real Grandpa’s Play Pickleball

grandpa is into pickleball
If your grandpa is into pickleball, this is the shirt he needs. The full graphic reads, “Some Grandpa’s play bingo, real grandpa’s play pickleball.” In addition to the pictured asphalt color, it’s available in black, forest green, navy, and royal blue.

Is your grandma a pickleball player, too? It also comes in a grandma version. Pickleball is really popular with older people who like to stay active. Celebrate the sport by buying these shirts for the pickleball player in your life.

4.Pickleball Jargon Tee

This shirt is a great conversation starter. Friends who play pickleball will love it and anyone who doesn’t will be intrigued. This shirt comes in black and blue. The text is printed in greens and blue and includes the words danger zone, dink, poach, slice, and pickledome.

This shirt runs small and shrinks a bit in the dryer, so order a size larger than you normally wear to make sure it continues to be one of your favorite game day shirts.

5.Dink Responsibly

Dink Responsibly
This lightweight, classic fit T-shirt comes in men and women’s cuts. It’s available in several different colors, including asphalt, black, navy, brown, and kelly green. The fit is a little small, so you might want to order a size larger than normal.

This shirt is really comfortable and makes a great gift for anyone who plays pickleball. Perfect for on the court and off, anyone in the know will get a laugh out of this shirt is one of the Best Pickleball T-Shirts.

6.Retirement: Pickleball Every Day

Pickleball Every Day
This slim fit shirt comes in men’s and women’s cuts and is available in lots of colors: Baby blue, lemon, red, silver, and slate. It’s soft and comfortable because it’s made out of a lightweight jersey material so you can stay cool while playing.

Because of the slim cut style, this shirt runs a little small so order a size larger and the fit should be comfortable and not too snug.

7.Never Underestimate an Old Man with a Pickleball Paddle

pickleball paddle
If you’re an old man with a pickleball paddle or if you love an old man with a pickleball paddle, this shirt is perfect. Because it’s 100% cotton, comfortable, and perfect to play in. It’s available in a few colors, including kelly green, royal blue, asphalt, brown, and black.

This shirt would make a great gift for the pickleball playing old man in your life. It’s sure to get him some smiles.

8. I Just Want to Drink Wine, Play Pickleball, and Take Naps

T-shirt speaks
This classic fit T-shirt speaks the truth. If you’re retired and don’t want to do anything but drink wine, play pickleball, and take naps this as one of the Best pickleball T-shirts will tell it to the world.

It’s a funny, cheeky way to tell the world how you really feel about retirement and how important pickleball is to your fun lifestyle. It comes in navy, royal blue, black, grass, and red.

9.Pickleball Texting Code

Pickleball Texting Code
If you’re a retiree who has a hard time with texting shorthand or if you have a grandparent who can’t quite get the hang of texting but totally gets pickleball, this is the shirt for them. With this shirt, you can use pickleball to ease yourself into texting shorthand.

It comes in men’s and women’s cuts and several colors, including baby blue, lemon, red, white, and grass. This makes a great gift for your favorite pickleball playing retiree.

10.Heartbeat EKG Pickleball Shirt

Heartbeat EKG Pickleball Shirt
If your heart beats for pickleball, this is a must-have tee. Anyone with a love for the game will love this shirt. It’s available in men’s and women’s cuts and comes in navy, asphalt, kelly green, black, and brown. The graphic is an EKG of a heartbeat with a pickleball worked in. Show the world just how much you love this sport. Let everyone know that pickleball is your passion.

As you can see, there are a lot of entertaining options for pickleball-themed shirts. If you’re a pickleball player yourself buynow best pickleball t-shirts, you know how much your friends will appreciate these shirts. If you have someone in your life who loves to play, any one of these shirts would make a great gift and be sure to put a big smile on their face.

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